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Sailing on a Hong Kong Junk

The Hong Kong junk has come to represent the old traditional values that are still so ever present in this cosmopolitan city. The sight of this venerable vessel with its flashy red sails set against the backdrop of an ultra modern skyline is certainly striking and it has become a cherished symbol of the city.

There aren't that many traditional sampans in operation any more, so if you happen to see the red-sail sampans traversing the waters of the bay, it will more than likely be one of these vessels:

A sampan ride on one of these vessels will take some advanced planning as the sailings offered are limited. Here are some tips and guidelines to help you plan your junk ride.

Duk Ling: "The" Hong Kong Junk

Hong Kong Junk: Duk Ling Duk Ling in Victoria Harbour

The Duk Ling is "the" Hong Kong Junk. This true relic which underwent full restoration in the 1980's, is an original junk used by fishermen and the last of its kind in Hong Kong waters. It has led parades during some of Hong Kong's most iconic festivals, as well as when the giant rubber ducky sailed into Victoria Harbour. Tragically, Duk Ling sank during a typhoon in 2014 and regularly scheduled Harbour Cruises which were sponsored by the Hong Kong Tourism Board had to stop.

Two Hong Kong yacht traders, Yu Lik-hang and his aunt Cheng Ching-wah, have acquired Duk Ling from the previous owners and to great effort and expense, have managed to save the vessel.

Hong Kong Junk: Duk Ling Duk Ling and crew setting sails

Duk Ling is licensed to carry up to 36 passengers plus crew.

Daily scheduled cruises are available. The cruise takes 45 minutes to sail around Victoria Harbour.

Boarding locations at Tsim Sha Tsui Pier 1 and Central Pier 9.

Duk Ling Schedule and Prices

Departs AdultsChildren and
TST Daily
17:30 18:30 19:30* 20:30

17:45 18:45 19:45* 20:45

*Symphony of Lights Cruises

HK 320

* HK 380

HK 220

* HK 280

Duk Ling will also be available for private charter.

Sailing on the Duk Ling Tips

  • If weather does not cooperate, the ride could be a rough one. In case of rainy days, there is a lower level that is covered.
  • Bring camera, sunglasses, if warm and sunny days, swimsuit and sunscreen, if cooler temperatures a windbreaker or jacket.
  • Hope for great weather and enjoy your junk ride in Hong Kong's last authentic Chinese fishing junk!

The Aqua Luna

Hong Kong Junk: Aqua Luna Hong Kong Junk:Aqua Luna

The Aqua Luna is a gorgeous hand-crafted vessel run by the Aqua Restaurant Group of Beijing/London/HongKong fame. You are perhaps not sailing an original old traditional fishing junk as opposed to the Duk Ling, but still very much an adventure in exquisite and classy surroundings.

During the week, Monday through Friday, Aqua Luna operates a sort of Hop-On-Hop-Off boat tour of Victoria Harbour with 4 convenient stops on both sides, running continuously from 12:00 pm to 5:00 pm on a one-hour loop:

  • Tsim Sha Tsui (Public Pier 1)
  • Central (Pier 9)
  • Wanchai
  • Hunghom

A Day Pass including unlimited rides is HK 120 for adults and HK 90 for children 4 to 11.

In the evenings Aqua Luna has daily 45-minute Victoria Harbour Cruises that leave Tsim Sha Tsui from Public Pier 1 and Central from Pier 9.

Aqua Luna Evening Cruise

The cruise includes drinks and refreshments, and there is (pricey) food on board you can buy.

The best part of Aqua Luna has to be the top deck which is lined on both sides with comfy sofas where you can lounge, enjoy your cocktail and the marvelous views all around you.

Hong Kong Junk: Duk Ling Aqua Luna's Top Deck

Aqua Luna Schedule and Prices

Departs TST
Public Pier 1
Pier 9
Day Cruises
Monday to
12:00 13:00 14:00 15:00 16:00 12:10 13:10 14:10 15:10 16:10
Day Pass Adults HK120 (US$17.18) Children (4-11) HK90 (US$11.90)

More info and booking Aqua Luna Harbour Discovery Tour Hop On Hop Off Pass

Evening Cruises
17:30 18:30 17:45 and 18:45
19:30* 20:30 19:45* and 20:45
21:30 22:30 21:45 and 22:45
Adults HK195 (US$25.77) Children (4-11) HK155 (US$20.49)

More Info And Booking Aqua Luna Evening Cruise

* Symphony of Lights Cruises
Adults HK275 (US$37.67) Children (4-11) HK220 (US$29.08)

More Info And Booking Aqua Luna Symphony Of Lights Cruise

In addition to the Victoria Harbour Cruises, Aqua Luna also offers weekend trips to Stanley and are a great way to see a little bit more of Hong Kong and the surrounding areas.

Sailing on the Aqua Luna Tips

  • Evening sailings start from the TST pier, so try to board from this end rather than Central to have first pick for a good place.
  • Bring camera!
  • For day sailings, bring sunglasses, if warm and sunny days, swimsuit and sunscreen.
  • For evening sailings, bring a windbreaker or jacket.

Whichever Hong Kong Junk you decide to take, it is sure to be a phenomenal and unique experience, and if you are visiting Hong Kong with kids, a definite "must do"!

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Here is to a wonderful Hong Kong travel experience!

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