Hong Kong Landmarks

Top Natural, Man-Made, and Cultural Landmarks of Hong Kong

Here is a list of our top Hong Kong Landmarks. Of course using a very broad definition of a "landmark" to include all the easily recognizable structures of Hong Kong as well as any historical and cultural features that belong to the city.

The list is by no means exhaustive. You will probably have your own favourite landmark, so let us know what we're missing! We have grouped our list as follows:

Hong Kong Landmarks: The Classics

These are the landmarks that we associate unequivocally with Hong Kong. They are beloved icons of the city, part of the heritage of Hong Kong.

The "Must Do's" on any first or repeat trip to Asia's World City, and some of Hong Kong's top tourist attractions.

Hong Kong Landmarks: Victoria Harbour
Hong Kong
Victoria Harbour

This is Hong Kong's prized iconic landmark with unique and impressive skylines on both sides of the waterfront. Many ways to enjoy it and feel the pulse of the city.

Hong Kong Landmarks: Victoria Peak
Victoria Peak and
the Peak Tram

Overlooking Victoria Harbour, the Peak offers some of the most dramatic views in all Hong Kong, and the fun way to get there is of course with the old Peak Tram.

Hong Kong Landmarks: Star Ferry
Hong Kong's
Star Ferry

A Hong Kong institution. A convenient and inexpensive way to get around, at less than one US dollar a ride,
this is one of the city's sightseeing "bargains".

Hong Kong Skyline Landmarks

The Hong Kong Skyline is of course a landmark of its own. Hong Kong has the highest number of skyscrapers of over 150m in the world and the skyline is continuosly changing.

There are some distinctive buildings that really stand out. Beyond being architectural masterpieces, you can use them as a constant point of reference. If when coming out of the metro you don't know which way to head over, only need to look up and spot the nearest one of these Hong Kong landmarks and get your bearings.

The Hong Kong Island Central Skyline

Hong Kong Skyline Central

Framed by Victoria Peak in the background and the bustling and energetic Harbour up front, this is truly a magnificent sight. The Central District is home to some of Hong Kong's most prominent buildings. Here are some of them:

Hong Kong Landmarks: HSBC Building
HSBC Building
The one with the asymetric crosbar pattern

Hong Kong Landmarks:Bank of China Tower
Bank of China Building
The zig zag pattern with plenty of spikes

Hong Kong Landmarks: Two IFC
Two IFC Centre
The tallest one on this side of the Harbour

Hong Kong Landmarks: the Centre
The Centre
On the far right that keeps changing color at night

Hong Kong Landmarks: Jardine House
Jardine House
The one with the porthole windows.

Hong Kong Landmarks: Far East Financial Centre
Far East Financial Centre
The golden kid
of the block

Hong Kong Landmarks: Bond Centre/Lippo Towers
The Lippo Towers
With the "Koala Bears" clinging from it.

Hong Kong Landmarks: Cheung Kong Centre
Cheung Kong Centre
The boxy one.

Hong Kong Landmarks: Prince Of Wales Building
Prince of Wales Building
The upside down gin bottle.

The Wanchai Skyline

Hong Kong Skyline Wanchai

The Hong Kong Skyline kept expanding beyond the Central District. It started with the Hopewell Centre in Wanchai, the 66 story circular building that was at the time of its opening in 1980 the tallest in Hong Kong.

In 1997 to mark the handover of Hong Kong to China, the HK Convention and Exhibition Centre opened and was the site of the handover Ceremony.

The building boom continued through the 80's and beyond, with the Hong Kong skyline further expanding to the East.

Hong Kong Landmarks: Central Plaza
Central Plaza
The third tallest building in Hong Kong, the one with the pretty pyramid

Hong Kong Landmarks: HK Convention Centre
HK Convention and
Exhibition Centre

Built on reclaimed land and designed to resemble the wings of a bird.

Hong Kong Landmarks: Hopewell Centre
Hopewell Centre
The circular one with the revolving restaurant on top.

The Kowloon Skyline

When we talk about the Hong Kong Skyline normally we refer to the striking view of the skyscrapers looming in Hong Kong Island and Victoria Peak just behind, this is the iconic and easily recognized landmark used in brochures and books.

The Kowloon side until recently, lacked any features that really stood out. Beacuse of the proximity of the former Kai Tak Airport, all buildings on the Kowloon side were much lower in comparison with their counterparts on the other side of the Harbour as the heights were limited due to the air traffic paths.

This restriction was lifted as the new Hong Kong International Airport moved to Lantau Island, and now you see the beginnings of a rising Kowloon Skyline. The most prominent landmark is the cluster of new high-rises on the Western side known as Union Square.

Hong Kong Skyline Kowloon

Union Square has been built on reclaimed land, and it houses Hong Kong's tallest building, the International Commerce Centre.

Beyond the ICC and the Union Square newcomers, Kowloon is home to some relics of the colonial era, the Tsim Sha Tsui Clock Tower, and the legendary Peninsula Hotel.

Hong Kong Landmarks: ICC Building
Commerce Centre

At 108 stories high, the tallest building in Hong Kong. There is an observation deck on its 100th floor, Sky100.

Hong Kong Landmarks: TST Clocktower
The Tsim Sha Tsui
Clock Tower

The only vestige of the original Kowloon-Canton Railway station, the end of the Orient Express from London.

Hong Kong Landmarks: Peninsula Hotel
The Peninsula Hotel
One of Hong Kong's most historical hotels, it even has its own color, "Peninsula Green" refers to the color of the hotels signature fleet of Rolls Royce.

Hong Kong Landmarks: Cultural Keepsakes

Rather than a physical structure, these are events and features that "belong" to the city, much like New Year's Eve at New York's Time Square, certainly worth checking out for some great fun and that "only in Hong Kong" experience!

Chinese New Year in Hong Kong
A Chinese New Year

While not exclusive to Hong Kong, these are world-class over the top celebrations, with never ending colorful and lively parades, fireworks, dragon dances, flower markets...

Happy Valley Horse Races
The Happy Valley
Horse Races

Horse racing in Hong Kong
is more than the national pastime, it was introduced
by the British when they first came to Hong Kong and still very much a part Hong Kong life.

Duk Ling the Hong Kong Junk
The Duk Ling
the Hong Kong Junk

Hong Kong's last original traditional sailing junk.
The flashy red sails set against the backdrop of
the ultra modern skyline
is a splendid sight and has become a cherished symbol of the city.

Hong Kong Landmarks: Symphony of Lights
Hong Kong's Symphony
of Lights

The stage: the whole of Victoria Harbour. The participants: over 40 buildings on both sides. It is Guinness' "world's largest permanent light and sound show".

Hong Kong Landmarks: Fireworks
Fireworks over the

A celebration isn't a celebration without Hong Kong's astounding fireworks displays over the world's
most famous harbour. A finest of Hong Kong Landmarks.

Hong Kong Landmarks: Peninsula Lobby
High Tea at the

The fabulous Lobby with
its legendary high ceilings
and columns, tea cakes
and scones with fresh
cream, the soothing
sounds of a string quartet ...

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