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Hong Kong Markets

Hong Kong Markets are colorful and lively, a photographer's paradise and a great place to people watch, sample some local foods, catch a few bargains, or simply soak some of the local flavour as this is still pretty much a part of every day life in Hong Kong.

Visiting a market won't be difficult and certainly something we would recommend doing during your stay, there will always be options nearby and chances are you will run into one during your visit.

And it is not all about shopping in Hong Kong, markets are unique in their own way, some are great to pick up a few Chinese souvenirs to take home, some like the Goldfish market are great entertainment for kids, and some like the Temple Street Night market have a very lively and unique atmosphere with the impromptu opera singers and fortune tellers...

Here we list some of our favourite Hong Kong Markets and a sample walking tour to cover an attractive area with some of the most well-known markets and shopping streets which we have enjoyed on our visits.

Our Favourite Hong Kong Markets

These are the most popular and lively markets to go shopping for clothing, souvenirs, knick knacks, hand bags, small electronics and gadgets, etc. anything you can think of with the "made in China" label would probably end up at one of these markets so if you want to get some great bargains, are in the mood for some serious haggling and don't mind the crowds, you will definitely enjoy these.

Hong Kong Markets: The Ladies Market
The Ladies Market
This is one of the top Hong Kong Markets for bargain-priced clothes and accessories, and despite its name, it is not only for ladies, you find just about everything here, including small household items and toys.
Hong Kong Markets: Temple Street Night Market
Temple Street Night Market
Our favourite night market, very lively and full of bargains. Here you find clothes, souvenirs, small electronics, and many food stalls and open-air restaurants.
Hong Kong Markets: Stanley Market
Stanley Market
A bit further away from the city in the southern part of Hong Kong Island, Stanley has been popular with tourists for years, and remains one of the favourites for souvenirs and knick knacks.

Hong Kong Markets: Cat Street
Cat Street
Full of antique and curio shops and stands, anything from little buddha images to silk carpets, ming vases, ceramics, etc. not all real "antiques", great fun to browse and pick up a few trinkets here and there.
Hong Kong Markets: Jade Market
Jade Market
Dozens of stalls selling jewelry, pearls, stones, and as you might have guessed jade pieces, beads, pendants, carvings... I would stay away from any expensive stuff unless you really know your jade.
Hong Kong Markets: Fa Yuen Street Market
Fa Yuen Street
Very popular with the locals, over a hundred stalls selling a great variety of cheap clothing and accessories, toys and small electronics. This street runs parallel to the Ladies Market, so very convenient.

More Colorful Markets

These are fresh, brilliant, bustling corners, worth a visit more for their "entertainment value" than the shopping experience, to watch locals carrying on the daily grind and maybe learn a bit of their traditional customs. If traveling with kids, these markets are quite entertaining...

Hong Kong Markets: Flower Market
Flower Market
A little oasis brimming with fragrant blooms, bonsai trees, fresh cut flowers, exotic plants, and an abundance of foliage and color that is truly a treat to the senses.
Hong Kong Markets: Bird Market
Bird Garden
The Chinese had traditionally liked to keep birds as pets. Here you see the old men with their cages taking their birds for "walks", beautiful handcrafted bamboo cages, and all sorts of peculiar "bird food"
Hong Kong Markets: Goldfish Market
Goldfish Market
A fascinating street crowded with little shops with an incredible amount and variety of all kinds of sea life, lots of color in the tanks and the little fish bags set up in front of the stores.

Hong Kong Markets: Seafood Market
Wet/Seafood Markets
Fish, crabs, lobsters, shell fish, sea cucumbers, eels... all displayed live and swimming... The seafood markets and restaurants in Lamma Island are quite popular and worth an excursion.
Hong Kong Markets: Dry Goods Market
Dried Goods Markets
All kinds of dried seafood, ginseng, snakes, herbs, etc. normally in the older and more traditional areas of town, we quite enjoyed the area in the Western district, which we combined with a Ding Ding Tram ride.
Hong Kong Markets: Fresh Produce Markets
Fresh Markets
These are just about everywhere, very colorful fruits and veggies, some you may or may not recognize. Great to pick up some vitamins and try some new and exotic fruits that you normally don't see at home...

A DIY Walking Tour of the colorful and lively Kowloon Markets

There is a handful of markets clustered in a relatively small area in Mongkok which can be explored by foot. You can start at the Prince Edward MTR station and work your way down visiting the following Kowloon markets which are indicated in the map below:

hong kong markets map Flower Market hong kong markets map Bird Garden hong kong markets map Goldfish Market hong kong markets map Fa Yuen Street Market hong kong markets map Ladies Market hong kong markets map Jade Market hong kong markets map Temple Street Night Market

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Walking Tour of Kowloon Markets


Check out the best of Kowloon Markets with a small group, maximum of 12, together you will explore Hong Kong's market scene, test your bargaining skills, try the savory treats from one of the many open-air food stands.

The tour starts at 2:00 p.m. as you meet your guide at the Prince Edward MTR Station. It lasts approximately 3 1/2 hours and it will bring you to the Flower Market, Bird Garden, Goldfish Market, Ladies Market, Shanghai Street (Wedding Street), Jade Market and ending by the Temple Street Night Market.

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