Hong Kong Goldfish Market

Hong Kong Goldfish Market

The Hong Kong Goldfish Market is a fascinating street crowded with little stands and shops with an incredible amount and variety of fish, lots of color in the tanks and the little fish bags set up in front of the stores.

Hong Kong Goldfish Market

This is a great place for kids to spend a morning or just a couple of hours checking out the tanks and the wall to wall displays of bright tropical fish for sale in little bags, all colors, shapes and sizes imaginable.

Hong Kong Goldfish Market

And besides fish, there is also the tiny frogs, hamsters, beetles, turtles, and all sorts of small pets for the kids to enjoy.

Hong Kong Goldfish Market

Goldfish have been a part of Chinese culture since ancient times. There is evidence of this in paintings and Chinese artifacts found which date back a long way.

Besides their aesthetical value, Goldfish are believed to bring abundance and prosperity and are a very revered animal by the Chinese.

Hong Kong Goldfish Tank

Goldfish tanks and aquariums in addition are used widely in feng shui, as they contain all five elements:

  • Fire: represented by the bright goldfish
  • Earth: the rocks used in decoration
  • Water: essential to any aquarium represents flow
  • Wood: decorative plants that beautifully complement the arrangement
  • Metal: often incorporated in the container itself

It is believed that a fish tank placed in the right place contributes good energy to the home and you will often see the locals shopping around for all sorts of supplies for home tanks and aquariums, including beautiful arrays of plants and rocks.

If you love Goldfish, don't miss this delightful Goldfish Street and also if you have a chance while in Hong Kong, visit the wonderful exhibits at "Goldfish Treasures" at Ocean Park, there are some beautiful rare and exotic Goldfish in display.

The Hong Kong Goldfish Market in Mongkok is located in Tung Choi Street, a bit further up from the Ladies Market, and very close to the Bird Garden and Flower Market as well and can be easily combined in one outing. These Kowloon Markets offer a very unique window into Chinese lifestyle and great opportunities for sharpening your bargaining skills! Here is a map and sample walking tour covering these Hong Kong Markets.

Walking Tour of Kowloon Markets


Check out the best of Kowloon Markets with a small group, maximum of 12, together you will explore Hong Kong's market scene, test your bargaining skills, try the savory treats from one of the many open-air food stands.

The tour starts at 2:00 p.m. as you meet your guide at the Prince Edward MTR Station. It lasts approximately 3 1/2 hours and it will bring you to the Flower Market, Bird Garden, Goldfish Market, Ladies Market, Shanghai Street (Wedding Street), Jade Market and ending by the Temple Street Night Market.

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