Goldfish Tanks at Ocean Park

Countless Types of Goldfish: Black Moor, Bubble Eye, Fantail...

Goldfish Tanks Ocean Park

Ocean Park's collection of Goldfish tanks is an amazing array with all types of goldfish you can think of, many of the exotic and rare, and some we had never even heard of.

Goldfish Tanks Ocean Park

Goldfish Tanks Ocean Park

Goldfish Tanks Ocean Park

Goldfish Tanks Ocean Park

They are a beauty to watch in their serene and tranquil surroundings.

For centuries, the Goldfish has been a part of Chinese culture and life.

The pronounciation for the Chinese word for fish closely resembles that for "Abundance". The Goldfish is often associated with wealth, prosperity and good fortune.

Goldfish tanks are commonly found in homes and businesses. More than decoration, fish tanks are an important tool when trying to attract "good Feng Shui", that is, the art of attracting all the energy that contribute to your home or business health, harmony and wealth.

You also find for this reason, that the goldfish is often a subject in Chinese paintings and art.

So it is only proper for this animal to have its own exhibit at the park where it can be honored and admired.

The Goldfish Treasures Exhibit at Ocean Park, is located at the Amazing Asian Animals complex in the Waterfront.

You will see hundreds of goldfish, of all kinds, shapes forms and colors. Some of the rare varieties like the Black Oranda and some Fantails, as well as some newer varieties.

Goldfish Treasures is a small oasis where you can take a break from the park's excitement, relax in the very soothing environment surrounded by a traditional Chinese garden, and admire the beauty of the Goldfish...

Goldfish Treasures Ocean Park

If you enjoy Goldfish, be sure to stop by the Goldfish Market in Mongkok, a totally different experience but a delightful street full of marine life, colorful tanks, shops and stands.

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