Transportation in Hong Kong

Getting around by MTR, Taxis, Ferries, Buses, Trams, Trains...

Busy Hong Kong Street with many Transportation Options: buses, mini buses, etc

Transportation in Hong Kong is extremely efficient and economical making it one of the easiest places in the world to get around.

There are many options for getting from A to B in Hong Kong, and chances are you will use a few of them during your visit.

Here we outline some of the practicalities of the many ways of getting around in Hong Kong.

Some are more than transportation options, they are attractions on their own and worth riding at least once during your stay. We love crossing Victoria Harbour with the Star Ferry, and for tripsing around Hong Kong Island, the Ding Ding trams are fun, cheap and convenient... A very unique form of transportation? The Mid-Levels Escalator...

The Octopus Card

Octopus Card Hong Kong

Hong Kong's Octopus Card is a convenient way of payment that covers all forms of public transportation and is a must-have for all visitors. This is the equivalent of London's Oyster Card or New York's MetroCard, only better since you are able to use your Octopus Card for all kinds of small payments at convenience stores, fast-food restaurants, vending machines, etc.


Hong Kong Tung Chung MTR Station

Hong Kong's MTR system is widespread with stations servicing all the main urban areas of the Kowloon Peninsula, the northern part of Hong Kong Island and portions of Lantau Island. Rail service connects to further areas beyond the New Territories, all the way to Mainland China. It is the quickest way to get to most urban areas and fantastic value for other big city standards.

Hong Kong Taxis

Hong Kong Taxi

Hong Kong Taxis are plentiful and cheap.

You can always flag one down (except during rush hour or if it's raining) and they are the easiest for door to door transport.

Hong Kong Taxis are color-coded for the different areas they service: Red for Hong Kong Island and Kowloon, Blue for the Outlying Island, Green for the New Territories.

Remember to buckle up, it's the law.

The Mid-Levels Escalator

Section of the Mid-Levels Escalator

The Midlevels Escalator in Hong Kong Island is the transport of choice of commuters in the Midlevels area. It connects the Central, Western and Sheung Wan areas, with the more residential Peak area of the Mid-Levels.

It is more than a means of transportation in Hong Kong, it has transformed in a very unique micro-culture with bars, restaurants, shops and market stalls all along.

Boats and Ferries

Section of the Mid-Levels Escalator

Getting around the outlying islands is also easy with Hong Kong's extensive system of ferries. The MTR also services parts of Lantau, where the Airport is located, but for the rest of the islands, the ferries is the only way in and out.

One of the easiest and certainly most scenic ways to get from Hong Kong Island to the mainland is with the iconic Star Ferry, in itself a tourist attraction, and at only a few cents per ride, one of Hong Kong bargain deals.

The extensive network of ferries are also convenient to Macau and Mainland China.

Hong Kong Trams

Ding Ding Tram near Central

Trams traverse the Northern part of Hong Kong Island on a East-West direction, they are cheap, clunky and slow, but a very unique experience and a sightseeing attraction on its own. At only HK2.30 per ride (about US$0.30), another of Hong Kong bargain deals!

Of course the most famous of Hong Kong Trams is the one that brings you to the top of Victoria Peak, the Peak Tram is certainly more than just transportation.

Hong Kong Buses and Mini-Buses

Hong Kong Bus

We use the buses mainly to get to the areas in southern Hong Kong Island where there is no other public transportation option (i.e. no MTR yet). Getting to Stanley or Aberdeen on one of these double-deckers along the windy coastline is a fun way to see a bit more outside the hustle and bustle of the city.

There are also buses that bring you directly to tourist attractions, i.e. Ocean Park with 629, Hong Kong Disneyland with R33 and R42

Mini-Buses cover routes not serviced by the regular Bus Service which are a bit out of the way.

Hong Kong Airport Transportation

Hong Kong Airport Shuttle to Hotels

Hong Kong Airport Transfer options like all transportation in Hong Kong are easy and convenient. What is best? Hong Kong Airport Express, Taxi, Bus, Airport Shuttle? What is best for you will depend of course on your preference, budget and also the number of people travelling together.

There are many alternatives, ranging from the very economical buses to the over-the-top (literally) helicopter ride straight to the helipads on top of the Peninsula Hotel.

Hong Kong Private Car Hire

Hong Kong Private Car Hire

For the ultimate in convenience, hire your own car with English speaking driver and customise your own itinerary.

Choose from the luxury of a Tesla S which offers a smooth and spacious ride for up to 3 people or a comfy air-conditioned mini van that can hold up to 6 passengers, a fantastic option specially for families that require a bit more flexibility than what package tours offer.

Rates are quite affordable starting from HK$1,380 (US$178) for the Tesla S, and HK$1,680 (US$217) for the Minivan for half-day hire. Full-day and Lantau Island options also available.

Hong Kong - Shenzhen Crossborder Transport

Hong Kong Transfer to Shenzhen

The quickest and most convenient way to travel door to door between Hong Kong and Shenzhen in China.

Several options available including pick up/drop off in Hong Kong Airport, Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and New Territories and transfer to/from Shenzhen City or Shenzhen Airport.

Rates for one-way transfers start at HK$905 (US$117) per vehicle.

Vehicles are air-conditioned Toyota Alphard MPVs that can accommodate up to six passengers.

Hong Kong - Guangzhou Crossborder Transport

Hong Kong Private Transfer to Guangzhou

The quickest and most convenient way to travel between Hong Kong and Guanzhou or other areas of Guangdong in China.

Several options available including pick up/drop off in Hong Kong Airport, Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and New Territories and transfer to/from Guanzhou City or Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport.

Transfers between Hong Kong and other areas in Guangdong also available including Dongguan, Zhongshan, Foshan, Panyu and Shunde City. Other areas upon request.

Rates for one-way transfers start at HK$1,390 (US$180) per vehicle.

Vehicles are air-conditioned Toyota Alphard MPVs that can accommodate up to six passengers.

UBER in Hong Kong

Hong Kong Uber

Uber is widely available in Hong Kong and it works just like in any other place. HOWEVER, at the moment, the status of UBER in Hong Kong is not quite as stable.

It is still a very fluid situation in Hong Kong, where as in many other places, it is facing regulatory hurdles and at this time still fighting for legal status for its driving partners.

Crackdowns on drivers are still happening. As much as we love the convenience and transparency, this is something to take into account when requesting an UBER in Hong Kong.

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