Temple Street Night Market

Temple Street Night Market Hong Kong
The Temple Street Night Market is Hong Kong's busiest and liveliest night market, it is noisy and crowded with rows of stalls with all sorts of cheap merchandise, fakes, souvenirs, clothing, electronics, and open air food stalls.

It is worth a trip to people watch and take in the atmosphere and smells...

You may or may not enjoy the shopping here, the vendors seem to be a bit more aggressive than at the other markets and they cater to both tourists and locals.

The range of the merchandise is very varied, from souvenirs to clothing, inexpensive jewelry and trinkets, and every day items for the locals.

The rows of stalls carry all sorts of inexpensive merchandise...

Temple Street Night Market - merchandise

This is a good place to load up on inexpensive Chinese souvenirs: bags, embroideries, t-shirts, chopstick sets...

Temple Street Night Market Chinese Souvenirs

There is also a great variety of every-day merchandise that caters to the local clientele. You find anything from sporting goods, toys, watches, wallets, sunglasses, hats and caps...

Temple Street Night Market everyday merchandise

Plenty of glitz and glam, all sorts of trinkets to be had: jewelry pieces, jade, pearls, pendants, rings, decoration items...

Temple Street Night Market cheap jewelry

It's a good place to load up on presents for the coming holiday...

Temple Street Night Market Chinese souvenirs and trinkets

This is definitely the place to bargain, and bargain hard. You will likely see the same merchandise in several different stalls as you walk from one to the other, so you might want to check out several stands to get a feel for the prices and the types of merchandise. The market is not very big, so you can always go back.

Temple Street Night Market Chinese souvenirs and trinkets stalls

The Temple Street Night Market is also known for its fortune tellers, fengshui experts, herbalists and every now and then you will catch an impromptu cantonese opera performance, this all adds to the lively and bustling atmosphere of the market.

Nearby is the temple that gives the street its name, the Yau Ma Tei Tin Hau Temple. It is a very frequented and popular temple, and one of the many Tin Hau temples dedicated to this Goddess of the Sea scattered throughout Hong Kong.

Temple Street Tin Hau Temple

You will also find plenty of watering holes and street food stalls, some are open air canteens and you see them quite frequented by locals, always a good sign if you want to give one a try.

Temple Street Night Market Food Stalls Hong Kong

Here's more on Hong Kong's legendary street food.

Getting to the Temple Street Night Market in Hong Kong

Temple Street Night Market Gate

The night market officially opens in the afternoon, with most stalls setting up by 6:00 p.m. and shutting down by midnight, it is most lively from 9:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Temple Street runs parallel to Nathan Road, to reach the market, take the MTR to Jordan station, exit C2 and just follow the signs.

Here is a map and sample walking tour covering this and other nearby Kowloon Markets.

Temple Street Night Market - Shopping for T-shirts
Enjoy your shopping at the Temple Street Market! We did!

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Check out the best of Kowloon Markets with a small group, maximum of 12, together you will explore Hong Kong's market scene, test your bargaining skills, try the savory treats from one of the many open-air food stands.

The tour starts at 2:00 p.m. as you meet your guide at the Prince Edward MTR Station. It lasts approximately 3 1/2 hours and it will bring you to the Flower Market, Bird Garden, Goldfish Market, Ladies Market, Shanghai Street (Wedding Street), Jade Market and ending by the Temple Street Night Market.

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