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Hong Kong Museums: The Hong Kong Museum of History
Hong Kong Museums: Folk Culture Exhibit at the Museum of History

Sometimes we think of museums as those places with a lot of boring old stuff, but the new breed of museum is changing that, they are now-a-days a lot more interactive and the exhibits engaging, they make it atractive even for children to visit. In Hong Kong, museums are following that direction, the History Museum might "sound" boring, it is anything but, in fact, it was our kids' favourite.

Hong Kong Museums are a wealth of outstanding historical, technological and artistic legacies offering exceptional one-of-a-kind exhibitions and programmes which are both educational and entertaining.

Most are conveniently located in the heart of Tsim Sha Tsui (see map below), so dropping by for a visit does not require any extra effort, and the ones further away are easily reached with public transport.

Visiting a museum in Hong Kong is not only convenient it is also quite a bargain as most museums have now waived their general admission fees, and the ones that still do charge are quite affordable, at HK20 for entrance to the Space Museum (free for students). museums are certainly another of Hong Kong's tourist bargains.

Top Hong Kong Museums

Hong Kong Museums: History Museum
Hong Kong Museum
of History

Life-size exhibits of junks, temples, festivals and street scenes from the early days take you through "The Hong Kong Story".

Hong Kong Museums: Science Museum
Hong Kong Science Museum
Eighteen galleries covering topics from electricity and energy to life science and transportation. Most are hands on with live demonstrations, great for kids.

Hong Kong Museums: Museum of Art
Hong Kong Museum
of Art

It features Chinese Antiquities and Art exhibits and a very dynamic flow of on-loan exhibitions from all over the world.

Hong Kong Museums: Heritage Museum
Hong Kong Heritage Museum
In the New Territories but well worth the trip, it has splendid audio-visual displays and interactive section covering Hong Kong's rich cultural heritage and natural history.

Hong Kong Museums: Space Museum
Hong Kong Space Museum
The half dome shaped building houses an Omnimax theater and plenty of interactive exhibits in both theme areas, Astronomy and Space Science.

Hong Kong Museums: Sun Yat Sen Museum
Dr. Sun Yat-Sen

Artifacts highlighting the life of "The Father of the Republic" are housed here. The building itself is worth a visit, it is a beautiful well-preserved 20th century building.

There are many Museums to choose from depending on your interests. The vivid life-size exhibits of the Museum of History take you through a wonderful historical journey, which is helpful to understand the development of Hong Kong from the early fishing dwellers, the colonial period, up to the establishment of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

Others like the Science and Space Museums contain informative and entertaining hands-on exhibits where you can easily spend a couple of hours.

In the art and cultural sphere, collections representative of Chinese traditional arts, Chinese antiquities, ceramics, Chinese painting and calligraphy from the Hong Kong Museum of Art's own collection and on-loan exhibitions grace four stories of this spacious and airy building with magnificent views of the harbour.

The Hong Kong Heritage Museum, although a bit out of the way, is a masterpiece that strives to preserve and promote the historical and cultural heritage of Hong Kong. It is a must-see attraction in its own right.

Try to schedule a visit to at least one of these great museums, you'll be glad and amazed at what you can discover!

General Admission and the Hong Kong Museum Pass

General Admission for the permanent exhibitions has been waived for the Hong Kong Museum of History, Hong Kong Heritage Museum, Hong Kong Museum of Art, Hong Kong Museum of Coastal Defence and Dr Sun Yat-sen Museum.

Space Museum Exhibition Halls entrance is HK10, HK5 concessionary, Omnimax Show / Sky Show HK24/HK12

Science Museum Exhibits entrance is HK20, HK10 concessionary

Admission for the Space Museum and the Science Museum is free for students

The waiving of most Museum admission charges has eliminated the need for the weekly Museum pass which most visitors used to get.

Annual passes, which provide free entrance to the special paid exhibits are more suitable for the local audience and cost HK100. They can be purchased at any of the museums.

Map of Hong Kong Museums

hong kong markets map Museum of History hong kong markets map Science Museum hong kong markets map Space Museum hong kong markets map Museum of Art hong kong markets map Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Museum hong kong museums map Hong Kong Heritage Museum (In Sha Tin, New Territories)

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For the latest Exhibition Highlights check out the Hong Kong Public Museums site.

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