Man Mo Temple

Incense coils, colorful deities and altars...
A piece of tradition in the midst of modernity

Interior of Man Mo Temple

Not far from the tall skyscrapers and glitz of Central, the Man Mo Temple sits quietly and unasummingly welcoming worshippers coming to pay respects to its two gods, Man and Mo, as they have been coming for the last 150 years.

This is one of Hong Kong's oldest and most acclaimed temples.

From the outside, this small temple is not quite what I would call a traffic-stopper, in comparison to other Hong Kong temples that have elaborate and grandiose shrines. However, dwarfed in the middle of all the new construction, it really sticks out with its glossy greenish blue roof, the stone animal figures guarding the temple and the intricate carvings...

Man Mo Temple in Hollywood Road
Man Mo Temple sits unasummingly in Hollywood Road

Exterior of temple decorated with statues, lanterns
Temple exterior decorated with stone animal figures and carvings

Intricate Carved Doors of the Man Mo Temple
Beautiful Intricate Carved Doors greet you at the entrance

Once you step in, a riot of colour envelops you as whiffs of sandalwood and incense thicken the air.

Man Mo Temple in Hollywood Road
Incense urns and roof coils greet you as you come in

There is an array of altars and god images, the many offerings from worshippers, statues of deities and lucky animals, and lots of red and gold, the Chinese lucky colors for good fortune and happiness...

Man Mo Temple in Hollywood Road
Gods and deities abound at this small temple

And the two main gods to which the temple is dedicated to: Man, God of Literature and Mo, God of War.

 Man Mo Temple  Gods: Man God of Literature and Mo God of War
Left: Man God of Literature, Right: Mo God of War

Suspended from the roof are one of the temple's trademarks, dozens of giant incense coils that have been hung to burn by worshippers.

Man Mo Temple Incense Coils hang from roof
Incense coils burn non-stop at the temple

The long-burning incense spirals take up to a couple of weeks to burn through and they are considered the "food for the spirits" and also thought to purify the surroundings, which should keep the ancestors and gods happy.

This little temple is a great chance to see the old traditions at play, still very much a part of Hong Kong life.

Man Mo Temple rows of God statues and offerings
Many deities and offerings throughout the temple

Man Mo Temple
Altars are painstakingly decorated and cared for

Man Mo Temple
Incense urns and messages and offerings to the gods

How to get to the Man Mo Temple?

How to get to Man Mo Temple

Easiest way if coming from Central is to take the Mid-Levels Escalator to Hollywood Road, and the area around the temple is fun to explore as well for its little streets lined with curio and antique shops which can be combined in one visit.

Area Map - Sheung Wan

hong kong sheung wan markets map Cat Street hong kong markets map Hollywood Road hong kong markets map Man Mo Temple hong kong markets map Pottinger Street aka Stone Slab Street

hong kong markets map Graham Street Wet Market and Street Food hong kong markets map Dried Seafood Street hong kong markets map Western Market hong kong markets map Midlevels Escalator

When you're done exploring the area, hop on the Ding Ding Tram to bring you back to Central.

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The tour starts at 2:00 p.m. as you meet your guide at the HSBC Building in the Central District (by the lion statues) It lasts approximately 3 hours and includes:

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