Valentine's Day in Hong Kong

Romantic Getaway Ideas

There's more to the candle-lit dinner, the chocolates and the flowers... Hong Kong's stunning harbour lends itself to unforgettable memories. No matter what your budget, there are certainly many options to make this day extra special.

Victoria Harbour at sunset from the Avenue of Stars

From romantic strolls, a quiet restaurant with killer views, the iconic sunset cruise on the harbour or a mind-blowing flight as you soar over the magnificent skyline... here are some romantic getaway ideas for a magical Valentine's Day in Hong Kong:

Our Favorite Strolls

Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade and Avenue of Stars

TST Promenade Views of Harbour

For fantastic views of the harbour, you can't beat this stroll. Not exactly a quiet and peaceful walk as this is a popular spot at all times, but the views of the skyline on the opposite side are stunning.

Start your walk from the Star Ferry Terminal as the sun goes down and the lights of the city start coming to life. Then head East towards the Avenue of the Stars and end your walk at the InterContinental, drop by the Lobby Bar for a drink with its fantastic floor-to-ceiling windows for more mind-blowing views. If you stick around long enough, the Symphony of Lights starts at 8:00 pm

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Oasis in Central: Hong Kong Park

Hong Kong Park Stroll

If you happen to be on the Island side, this is our favorite spot to scape the concrete jungle of the Central district.

A paved path takes you around ponds, waterfalls, manicured flower beds, lots of trees and vegetation, Hong Kong Park is right in the middle of the skyscrapers, a little oasis and a charming stroll.

Right around the corner, is the Lower Terminus Station for Victoria Peak Tram, take it up to the Peak and enjoy some of the most fantastic views Hong Kong has to offer.

Views from Victoria Peak

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Nan Lian Garden

Nan Lian Gardens

Beautiful, peaceful, serene... the Nan Lian gardens and its beautiful hallmark pavillion, koi ponds, arch bridges, cascades and lily pools... and a hidden restaurant behind a waterfall...

This is one of our favorite gardens, although a bit far from the main tourist areas, it is very easy to get there with the MTR, just a two-minute walk from the Diamond Hill Station on the Green line.

Spring Festival events start winding down this February, take advantage of the last leaping lions and dragons and make some time to head outdoors and enjoy the marvelous weather! For nature lovers, this is the time to enjoy our fantastic reserves and trails, migrating birds are here in spades.

Best Sunsets in Hong Kong

Views from Star Ferry

Valentine's Day and romantic sunsets go hand in hand... Luckily, in Hong Kong you don't have to go far, some of the most fantastic sunsets can be enjoyed right from the promenade on the Tsim Sha Tsui side.

It is absolutely magical as the sun sinks in the horizon behind the skyline... the colours start to burst... yellows, oranges, pinks, reds, purples... then the lights start coming to life, absolutely unreal...

Sunsets in Aberdeen are also out of this world:

Aberdeen Harbour at Dusk

Hire a sampan to take you around the picturesque harbour with the many fishing junks and the tall buildings framing it. The lights start to glow and reflect in the water. A 20-minute run for two should be around HK 75.

Contrary to what many suggest, the Peak is not an optimal spot for sunsets if you also want to enjoy the city skyline, the sun sets behind and the views will be of the back of the island and the reservoir, also beautiful with the islands and the open sea in the distance but not exactly what most have in mind.

Consider a sunset cruise, also a wonderful way to enjoy the magical Hong Kong sunsets, below we list a couple of options. Be sure to book in advance, Valentine's Day, although a western holiday, is catching up quickly in Hong Kong, so it is better to be prepared.

Sunset / Evening Cruises

Sunset or Evening Sail Aboard the Aqualuna

Victoria Harbour and Aqua Luna Evening Sail

Aqua Luna is the beautiful red-sailed junk you will see cruising the waters of Victoria Harbour every day.

We love the top deck which is lined on both sides with comfy sofas where you can lounge, enjoy your cocktail and the marvelous views all around you for the one-hour sail.

Cruises depart from both sides of the harbour from Central Pier 9 and TST Pier 1. Evening sailings start from the TST pier, so try to board from this end rather than Central to have first pick for a good place.

How Much? Evening Cruise Tour in Chinese Junk Boat with Wine US$ 27
*Symphony of Lights Sail with drink US$ 40

When? 6:30 pm, 7:30 pm*, 8:30pm, 9:30 pm, 10:30 pm

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Top Romantic Hotels in Hong Kong

Restaurants in Hong Kong with Fantastic Views of the Harbour

When pampering of a higher scale is called for, whether you are visiting or for a memorable staycation, you won't be short on options for romantic hotels in Hong Kong.

They consistently deliver with their stunning harbour views, delightful decor and ambiance, impeccable service, fantastic restaurant options, infinity pools, exquisite spas... you are in good hands from the moment you step foot in their lobbies.

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Restaurants/Bars with a View

Restaurants in Hong Kong with Fantastic Views of the Harbour

There is no shortage of restaurants and bars with that million-dollar view of Victoria Harbour...

Cocktails out on a rooftop bar as the sun sets over the skyline and the city lights slowly start coming to life... what could be more romantic?

There are many choices in both sides of the harbour, in Hong Kong Island as well as Kowloon. The views will be splendid from either side.

You will likely find many of these places in all the five-star and luxury hotels in Hong Kong, but not necessarily. There are quite a few options that don't have to cost an arm and a leg.

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Totally Over The Top Experiences...

Flightseeing in Style: A Hong Kong Helicopter Tour

Hong Kong Helicopter Tour taking off from Peninsula Hotel

This is definitely one of those wow experiences, as if Hong Kong's fantastic skyline and harbour aren't stunning enough... try seeing it from the air... it simply takes your breath away...

And helicopter rides are extremely convenient, taking off from the heart of Tsim Sha Tsui from the helipads on top of the Peninsula Hotel, which by the way, is a top pick for a romantic stay in the city, why not combine both?

›› More Info and Booking Helicopter Tour with Afternoon Tea or Brunch at the Peninsula Hotel in Hong Kong.

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