Avenue of the Stars and TST Promenade

Magnificent views of the Hong Kong Skyline
Avenue of the Stars
Statue of Bruce Lee, a Kung Fu movie icon

The Avenue of the Stars and the Promenade that runs along the tip of Kowloon's waterfront, is one of Hong Kong's most spectacular walks. It offers some of the most breathtaking views of the Hong Kong skyline and bustling Victoria Harbour.

It is a great place to unwind after a day of sightseeing, just sit outside and relax, grab a bite, people watch, enjoy the sweeping views...

Avenue of the Stars:

The Promenade extends from the Kowloon Star Ferry terminal on the west, all the way past the Intercontinental Hotel on the Eastern side. It is a wonderful stroll, along the walkway there are cafes and eateries, benches to relax and some of this side's greatest landmarks:

Promenade Landmarks: Star Ferry
Promenade Landmarks: Star Ferry Star Ferry Terminal
Promenade Landmarks: TST Clocktower
Promenade Landmarks: TST Clocktower Tsim Sha Tsui Clocktower
Promenade Landmarks:Hong Kong Cultural Centre
Promenade Landmarks: Hong Kong Cultural Centre Hong Kong Cultural Centre

Promenade Landmarks: Hong Kong Space Museum
Promenade Landmarks: Hong Kong Space Museum Hong Kong Space Museum
Promenade Landmarks: Hong Kong Museum of Art
Promenade Landmarks: Hong Kong Museum of ArtHong Kong Museum of Art
Promenade Landmarks:Intercontinental Hotel
Promenade Landmarks: Intercontinental Hotel Intercontinental Hotel

It is a fantastic walk, you get some of the best views of the skyscrapers of the Hong Kong skyline and Victoria Peak...

Avenue of the Stars:

And all sorts of traffic in the harbour, boats, ferries, junks...

Avenue of the Stars: Central Skyline

It is a wide promenade, popular with joggers in the morning and the early birds doing their tai chi and exercises.

Avenue of the Stars: the wide promenade

Starting from the Star Ferry Pier as you head east you walk pass the Clocktower and the Hong Kong Cultural Centre. Soon you run into The Avenue of Stars.

Avenue of the Stars:

The Avenue of Stars is the territory's answer to Hollywood's Walk of Fame and a tribute to Hong Kong's movie icons, cinematographers, producers, and directors that make it all happen...

Avenue of the Stars:

Also prominently displayed is a four and a half meter replica of the Hong Kong Film Award Statuette, (the equivalent of the Oscars):

Hong Kong Film Award Statuette at Avenue of the Stars

Like its American counterpart, along the walk, Star plaques are edged out on the pavement dedicated to Hong Kong's prominent actors and actresses and the corresponding hand prints side by side.

Avenue of the Stars
Star Plaques and Hand Prints of famous Hong Kong Icons: Jackie Chan

The promenade is also one of our favourite places to watch the daily Symphony of Lights show in the evening. The harbour and the buildings along the water provide one of Hong Kong's best free entertainment for about 10 minutes every night.

Avenue of the Stars: Symphony of Lights Show

And although it gets extremely crowded, this is also one of the best spots to watch Hong Kong's legendary fireworks displays.

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