Ocean Park Hong Kong

Grand Aquariums, Exotic Animals, Roller Coasters...

Ocean Park Hong Kong
Ocean Park Hong Kong has transitioned from "a good place for a day out" of the city to a truly "don't miss" and "must do" attraction in Hong Kong, specially with the kids.

As the name suggests, marine life is a big part of it, but beyond the wonderful sea life exhibits including a World-class Aquarium and one-of-a-kind exhibits like the Chinese Sturgeon tunnel, Ocean Park has also branched out to include other rare and endangered animals like Giant Pandas and Red Pandas and to round up the entertainment, it also offers an array of shows, rides and roller coasters. There is truly something for everyone in the family.

Prior to the opening of Hong Kong Disneyland in 2005, this was pretty much the only game in town when it came to amusement parks geared for family fun. Back then, Ocean Park was a "nice" place to spend a little time, the Cable Car to the Summit, (then the "Headlands") was a prime draw, and the kids really went for the rides.

Now, however, the little bit of competition from the Disney Park has helped raise the bar and the changes we are seeing are just phenomenal. Ocean Park embarked on a HK$5.5 Billion Master Redevelopment Plan in 2006, the results are highly visible.

While the Cable Car and the Rides are still a big attraction, there is so much more to Ocean Park now, you can easily spend the whole day and more to do it justice and the changes, improvements and renovations will keep coming so you can visit again and again and there will always be something different!

Here are some of our tips on visiting the park:

Ocean Park Hong Kong Highlights

On our recent trip with grandma, grandpa and the kids, these were voted the favourite attractions for our group of ten with ages ranging from 8 to 81.

The boys could have spent the whole day at the roller coasters and water rides, the girls at the Grand Aquarium, grandma and grandpa thouroughly enjoyed the Cable Car ride and the great views from it.

We all agreed that the Giant Pandas were just too adorable, they were a real treat for all of us.

Ocean Park Highlights: The Grand Aquarium
The Grand Aquarium

Ocean Park Highlights: Giant Pandas
Giant Pandas

Ocean Park Highlights: The Cable Car
The Cable Car

Ocean Park Highlights: Roller Coaster and Rides
Our Favourite Rides

Ocean Park Highlights: The Rainforest
The Rainforest

Ocean Park Highlights: Old Hong Kong
Old Hong Kong

Ocean Park Highlights: Polar Adventure
Polar Adventure

Ocean Park Highlights: Dolphin and Seal Shows
The Shows

Ocean Park Highlights: Dolphin and Seal Shows
Ocean Park Pictures

Some More Great Marine Life Exhibits

Ocean Park Highlights: The Jelly Fish Aquarium
Jelly Fish Spectacular

Ocean Park Highlights: Sturgeon Tunnel
Sturgeon Tunnel

Ocean Park Highlights: Goldfish Treasures
Goldfish Treasures

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Exploring Ocean Park Hong Kong: What is Where?

Ocean Park which is located in the Southern part of Hong Kong Island, occupies quite a unique setting comprised of several hills and further separated by a mountain into two areas:

While most of the Roller Coaster and Rides are located in the Summit area, the Marine Life and Animal Exhibits are spread throughout both sections. Food, snacks and shops are also found in both sections of the park.

Be sure to get a Park Map at the entrance and start exploring!

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What's at Ocean Park's Waterfront?

Ocean Park: the Waterfront

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What's at Ocean Park's Summit

Ocean Park: the Summit

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Getting Around Ocean Park Hong Kong

Getting around within the park and the two main areas is made easy with the many options available:

Ocean Park Hong Kong: Cable Car
The Ocean Park Cable Car:
An attraction in itself, makes the 1.5km ride that connects the Waterfront with the Summit in about 15 minutes. There are magnificent views of the Aberdeen Harbour and the surrounding islands from this amazing ride.

Ocean Park Hong Kong: Ocean Express
The Ocean Express Tram:
One of the newest additions to the park, this is a "submarine style" train with similar technology as the Victoria Peak Tram, it whisks visitors back and forth from the two sections in 3 minutes.

Ocean Park Escalator
The Ocean Park Escalator:
It is the second longest in the world, (after the Mid-Levels Escalator System, also in Hong Kong) it connects several sections in the hilly side of the Summit.

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Food and Drink at Ocean Park Hong Kong

Ocean Park Food and Drink
When it comes to food and drink at the park, the options are many and varied, from casual fast-food choices, to fancy sit-down restaurants in classy surroundings, and offering a range of food from Western to Asian dishes. You should be able to find something to fit your taste and wallet.

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Getting to Ocean Park Hong Kong

Getting to Ocean Park is easy with Bus 629 from the Admiralty MTR station, follow the signs for the "Ocean Park Bus" exit. Depending on traffic, it will be approximately a 30 minute ride, and don't forget you can use your Octopus Card for the bus fare.

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Ocean Park Tickets

Can you get Discounts?

Entrance to Ocean Park Hong Kong is HK 345 for Adults, and HK 173 for children 3-11 and includes all the facilities and attractions except for skill games and coin operated games.

Discounts for Ocean Park tickets can be obtained in different ways:

  • There are unadvertised discounts at the gate when you present tickets to other Hong Kong attractions like the Peak Tram or Peak Tower. Doesn't hurt to ask. My friend got a HK 25 discount with a Peak Tram ticket.

  • Buying your tickets from any CTS (China Travel Service) office will score you some discounts. We got our tickets at the CTS at the Airport (there is a counter at the Arrivals Hall) We got a discount of HK40 per adult and HK20 per children but discounts vary depending on the season. Tickets must be paid for in cash. Another advantage of getting your tickets in advance is that you avoid the lines at the ticket counters at the entrance.

  • You can also buy tickets at some of the major MTR stations for a 10% discount.

  • Pre-book tickets online through Klook.com a consolidator of transportation and attraction tickets. You get a voucher which you must print and present at the ticket counter. Prices for adults HK 345 HK 298 children HK 173 HK 158. With savings of HK47 per adult ticket is one of the best deals available.
    »» More Info and Booking Ocean Park Discount Tickets.

It is also possible to buy Ocean Park Tickets at all 7-Eleven stores in Hong Kong, although not discounted, it will certainly save you the line at the entrance counter.

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Coming Up Soon at Ocean Park Hong Kong

  • 4 Koalas are settling in at Ocean Park's new South Australia exhibit. With four more to come in the next couple of years, the exhibit is expected to open in March 2015.
  • A new Shark Aquarium has opened in 2014
  • The new MTR South Island Line expected to be completed in 2016, will whisk you to Ocean Park from Admiralty in 4 minutes. Construction of the MTR line started in 2011. About two-thirds of the railway will be underground while the rest will be on a viaduct.
  • The six-storey 495-room Ocean Park Marriott Hotel expected for 2016/2017 will be located at the resort's main entrance. A central courtyard will include a themed lagoon, children's play area and outdoor dining.
  • And a humongous Water Park Complex is planned for 2017. It will feature indoor and outdoor facilities, man-made beaches, multiple water slides and wave pools, entertainment stages, and the world's longest leisure river.

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