Ocean Park Animals

Where are the Koalas? Where did the Penguins Go? Here's Where To Find Your Favorite Animals at Ocean Park

Giant Panda at Ocean Park munching away
Giant Panda at Ocean Park... just munching away at the Amazing Animals Exhibit...

The Park keeps on growing and bringing all sorts of fantastic animals, marine life as well as unique species from all over the world.

Sometimes it is quite obvious where to find them, i.e. sharks at Shark Mystique, or the Giant Pandas at the Panda Adventure, but did you know there are two sets of pandas in two different locations?

Sometimes animals "move" to different homes. Penguins that used to be housed in Pinniped House joined the newcomers at the South Pole Encounter when the Polar Adventure opened.

Then other animals like the Koalas you don't find unless you know where to look as their digs are not totally self-evident. The Koalas exhibit of Adventures in Australia for example is inside the Old Hong Kong Vintage Theatre, the entrance to the Arctic Fox Den is through the Gift Shop...

So here's a little help on finding your favorite animals at Ocean Park!

Ocean Park Animal Collection At A Glance

Animal Location Area/Land Attraction Remarks Disable Access
Giant Pandas Waterfront Amazing Asian Animals Jockey Club Sichuan Treasures and Giant Panda Adventure Two sets of Pandas in two separate locations Yes
Red Pandas Waterfront Amazing Asian Animals Giant Panda Adventure One pair of Red Pandas Yes
Golden Snub-Nosed Monkey Waterfront Amazing Asian Animals Jockey Club Sichuan Treasures One couple: Le Le and Qi Qi Yes
Koalas Waterfront Old Hong Kong Vintage Theatre Adventures in Australia Quiet please! Koalas are highly noise-sensitive Yes
Penguins Summit Polar Adventure South Pole Encounter 3 different kinds of penguin Yes *
Walrus, spotted seals, Northern sea lions Summit Polar Adventure North Pole Encounter Fantastic underwater exhibit Yes *
Arctic Fox Summit Polar Adventure Artctic Fox Den Entrance is through the Gift Shop Yes *
Snowy Owl Summit Polar Adventure North Pole Adventure Only during special animal presentations Yes *
Dolphins Summit Marine World Ocean Theatre Get the Timetable for show schedule Yes *, special areas for wheelchairs
Seals and Sea Lions Summit Marine World Pacific Pier Get the Timetable for show schedule and feedings! Yes *, special areas for wheelchairs
Sharks, all kinds except hammerheads, rays Summit Marine World Shark Mystique White tip, black tip, leopard, nurse sharks, sawfish, sand sharks Yes *
Hammerhead Sharks Waterfront Aqua City Grand Aquarium After the Bubble Tunnel in the large tank Yes
More Sharks and over 400 species of fish Waterfront Aqua City Grand Aquarium After the Bubble Tunnel in the large tank Yes
Manta Rays, eagle rays, sting rays Waterfront Aqua City Grand Aquarium After the Bubble Tunnel in the large tank Yes
Chinese Sturgeon Summit Marine World Chinese Sturgeon Aquarium An endangered species, fantastic tunnel Yes *
Jelly Fish Tanks Summit Marine World Sea Jelly Spectacular Spectacular lighting, quite a show! Yes *
Gold Fish Waterfront Amazing Asian Animals Goldfish Treasures Have never seen such a variety! Yes

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* We find the entire Summit area a lot more challenging to navigate with a wheelchair due to its steepness and hilly nature. Although there are ramps to make the entire area wheelchair and stroller accesible and the attractions themselves are also accesible, getting around the area is a bit difficult.

Once in a Lifetime Experiences at Ocean Park...

Fantastic Chance:
Honorary Panda Keeper
+ Souvenir Photo

Ocean Park Panda Keeper Program

HKD 1380 (US$183)
A 2-hour one-of-a-kind experience as you go behind the scenes of the panda enclosure, put on a special keeper's uniform and assist with the daily care of the pandas.
More info and details

Animal Encounters:
Dolphins, Seals or Penguins!

Ocean Park Unique Activities - Dolphin Encounter

From HKD 1180 (US$152)
Get up close to Ocean Park's stars: dolphins, seals or penguin encounters where you can meet, play, feed and learn more about these incredible creatures from qualified trainers and keepers.
More info and details

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