The Ocean Park Grand Aquarium

Ocean Park Grand Aquarium

The Ocean Park Grand Aquarium is simply amazing... it is this massive four-story tank full of an exciting array of marine life. There's everything from tiny seahorses to colossal giant mantas, little tropical fish to hammerheads, in a collection of exhibits and lineups that makes it a serious contender for one of the best aquariums and marine life displays in the world.

The Grand Aquarium is located in the lower part of the park in the Waterfront, you can't miss the huge blue and yellow dome-like structure towering in front of the complex as soon as you come in the park. The building houses a series of tanks, pools, and exhibits, which are home to over 5,000 fish and more than 400 different species (or maybe more by the time you read this!).

I must admit that we are avid scuba divers and marine life lovers, but even if you're not a heavy duty enthusiast of the feeding habits of brain coral or the spawning season of clownfish, you will be thoroughly impressed, it is THAT good.

Ocean Park Grand Aquarium Complex
The Grand Aquarium is front and center in the Waterfront

The Reef Aquarium

Your journey starts in the shallows of the beautiful tropical reefs, it is a gorgeous tank with a myriad of colorful corals, sponges, sea fans and tropical fish...

Ocean Park Reef Aquarium

Ocean Park Reef Aquarium

Ocean Park Reef Aquarium

Ocean Park Reef Aquarium

Shallow Pools, Reef Tunnels, Domes and Bubbles...

Then as you dive further into this wonderful underwater world, you will pass the wading pools with the sea stars and sea cucumbers, it's a great hands-on area for kids. Then on to the smaller displays with the tiny sea life such as sea horses, cuttlefish, sea dragons, as well as some white tip shark tanks and stingrays. As you wander through, don't forget to look up through the many bubbles and domes and you will catch breathtaking glimpses of fish large and small against the shimmering light and what is to come in the next chambers.

Ocean Park Grand Aquarium Reef Tunnel Dome
An eagle ray through the Reef Tunnel dome

Ocean Park Grand Aquarium Reef Tunnel Dome
Reef Tunnels: do not forget to look up, lots happening up there

Ocean Park Grand Aquarium Reef Tunnel Dome
A school of silvery fish shimmering against the light

Ocean Park Grand Aquarium Reef Tunnel Dome
The Leafy Sea Dragon is from the same family as the Sea Horses

Ocean Park Grand Aquarium Reef Tunnel Dome
A Giant Manta glides by...

Ocean Park Grand Aquarium: The Grand Finale

So far you've had glimpses here and there through the many domes and bubbles as you went through the tunnels, and finally you come face to face with this massive viewing pannel that stretches some 13 meters or over 40 feet of sheer dynamism and excitement as manta rays glide by alongside hammerheads, marble stingrays coddle next to the lazy nurse sharks, a school of eagle rays performs a perfectly coreographed dance, and exotic animals that we had no idea what they were dart by, was it a shark? a ray? a combination of both? No, wait that was a "Bowmouth GuitarFish" the sign says...

We leave you with these images and video of our time at the Grand Aquarium, even though they don't do it justice, it was hard enough to try to focus on any one thing with so much coming at you at all times! Enjoy!

Ocean Park Grand Aquarium Viewing Pannel
Ocean Park Grand Aquarium: Final Viewing Pannel
A Colossal Action-Packed Display...

Ocean Park Grand Aquarium Viewing Pannel
Eagle Rays dancing...

Ocean Park Grand Aquarium Viewing Pannel
Hammerheads, Eagle Rays, Mantas, Tunas...

Ocean Park Grand Aquarium Viewing Pannel
Huge Marble Ray comes close to the glass pannel, you could almost touch it!

Ocean Park Grand Aquarium Viewing Pannel
A Bowmouth Guitarfish swims with an eagle ray

Ocean Park Grand Aquarium Giant Manta
As a giant majestic Manta Ray glides by... so graceful...

Ocean Park Grand Aquarium Hammerhead Shark
...Hammerhead Shark swims through swirling schooling fish...

Ocean Park Grand Aquarium Eagle Ray
...And a graceful Eagle Ray approaches and circles right in front of us, as if performing... totally mesmerizing to watch!

Enjoy this short video clip of the Grand Aquarium and get a taste of all the action!

One more tip before we go, try to visit while there is still day light. On our last trip we visited near the end of the day, although all the fantastic marine life is still there, without any sun light shimmering through the many domes and skylights, the tanks and exhibits are quite dark. Specially if you are taking photographs, take this into account.

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