Ocean Park Adventures in Australia

Cuddly Koalas, Hopping Wallabies, Laughing Kooaburras...

Ocean Park Adventures in Australia

Ocean Park's newest stars, four adorable koalas, have arrived to Adventures in Australia, the newest area of the park.

This is a massive 5,000-square-meter zone, which has been set up in collaboration with the South Australian government.

A formidable undertaking that involved sending park staff to Australia for six months so they could be properly trained on the care for the new residents.

In addition, over 8,000 eucalyptus trees were planted in nearby Guandong Province to make sure a supply of the plant's leaves was always readily available to meet the hungry fellows' needs.

When we were there they were not very easy to spot. All you could see where the little fur balls hiding in the trees...

Koalas at Ocean Park

You really had to look hard not to miss them!

Koalas at Ocean Park

This one we caught when he started munching away, unless they move they are hard to find! But look hard because they are definitely there!

Koalas at Ocean Park

Keep in mind, koalas are very noise sensitive, so try to be as quiet as possible!

Besides the prized koalas, the area also features other wonderful wildlife species that are unique to Australia, the Wallaby and the Kookaburra. These were definitely much easier to spot, they were almost showing off:

These are the Red-Necked Wallabies...

Red Necked Wallabies at Ocean Park

Just like their kangaroo relatives, they are hopping experts with well-developed hind legs

Red Necked Wallabies at Ocean Park

And the Laughing Kookaburra, they love to sing but the singing sounds more like they are cracking up with laughter...

Laughing Kookaburra at Ocean Park

So come and admire the cuddly koalas and the other unique creatures which are housed in the Adventures in Australia exhibit.

You will find this exhibit in the Old Hong Kong area, inside the Vintage Theatre.

Old Hong Kong Vintage Theatre where the koalas are found

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