Ocean Park Summit

The Ocean Park Summit area, formerly known as the "Headlands", sits on top of an adjacent mountain and is spread over several hills, all interconnected with crisscrossing pathways and escalators for the steep parts. The Cable Car and the Ocean Express Tram connect it with the Waterfront.

The Summit is also known as the "Amusement Park" section of Ocean Park since it contains all of the Roller Coasters and Rides, other than the small children area of Whiskers Harbour found in the Waterfront.

There are spectacular views of the islands and Aberdeen Harbour from many places throughout the Summit, from the roller coasters, the Ocean Park Tower, the escalators on the side of the hill, and many viewing terraces. That in itself is worth a trip to the Summit area.

In fact, you might want to make the Ocean Park Tower your first stop just to get the lay of the land, and get an idea of where the different sections are.

Ocean Park Tower

Ocean Park Tower

The Ocean Park Tower is more of a rotating observation deck, it slowly brings you to the top while it rotates and gives you spectacular 360 degree views of the park and the surrounding area, the nearby islands, Aberdeen, the South China Sea. On a clear day, this is a must.

Children must be 122cm (48") tall, if under, they must ride with anyone 15+ and 122cm or taller.

Here are some of the fantastic views from the Ocean Park Tower which gets you up to 200m above sea level:

Views from Ocean Park Tower: Aberdeen Harbour
Aberdeen's bustling harbour

Views from Ocean Park Tower: Thrill Mountain and Polar Adventure
Entrance to Thrill Mountain and Polar Adventure in the back

Views from Ocean Park Tower: Adventure Land
Views of Adventure Land and the Mine Train ride

Views from Ocean Park Tower: Hair Raiser the most popular rollercoaster in the park and the Rainforest area to the right
Hair Raiser, the most popular roller coaster, and the Rainforest area to the right

Views from Ocean Park Tower
Marine World, the oldest area of the park, lots of marine exhibits as well as roller coasters and rides

So that gives you an idea of how vast the Summit area is. The main highlights here are the Rollercoasters and rides. Lines for some of the popular rides can sometimes be long, about 40 minute wait or longer. Many have height, weight, and age restrictions. Here is a summary table of the most popular roller coaster and rides' requirements and locations.

The Summit's Main Areas and Attractions

Ocean Park Summit: Thriller mountain
Thriller Mountain

Roller Coasters and Rides are the main draw.

Ocean Park Summit Highlights: Polar Adventure
Polar Adventure

Incredible wildlife of the tundra and a family roller coaster

Ocean Park Summit: Rainforest
The Rainforest

Toucans and wildflowers in a jungle setting together with waterfalls and rapids.

Ocean Park Summit: Marine World
Marine World

Many wild and colorful
marine exhibits and yes,
more rides!

Ocean Park Summit: Adventure Land
Adventure Land

Ride a Mine Train and slide down a wooden log... And an escalator with fantastic views

Ocean Park Summit: Cable Car Station
The Cable Car Terminal

Enjoy more fantastic views as you get you back to the Waterfront.

Despite the Summit being known mainly for its roller coasters and rides, it is also home to some great nature exhibits that are worth making time for in between the twirls and spins of the rides:

Ocean Park Highlights: The Jelly Fish Aquarium
Jelly Fish Spectacular
Jellyfish in all possible colors, shapes and sizes, with state-of-the-art lighting and music.

Ocean Park Highlights: Sturgeons
Sturgeon Tunnel
The Chinese Sturgeon is a national treasure, check out this living fossils here.

Ocean Park Summit: Toucans

Toucans and wildflowers in a jungle setting together with waterfalls and rapids.

Ocean Park Summit: Sharks
Shark Mystique
All kinds of sharks, white tip, black tip, sawfish, leopard sharks...

Ocean Park Summit: Penguins
Three kinds of penguins are current residents at the South Pole.

Ocean Park Summit: Walrus
Walruses and more
Spotted seals, walruses, sea lions and arctic foxes will be the stars in the North Pole.

Marine World

This is the older area of the park, some sections have been renovated, some attractions have been replaced by newer ones.

Here you find many marine exhibits as well as some of the enduring classic rides such as the ferris wheel, the flying swings and the Dragon roller coaster.

Marine World is home to:

  • Exhibits and Shows:
    • Chinese Sturgeon Tunnel
    • Shark Mystique
    • Sea Jelly Spectacular
    • Ocean Theatre
    • Pacific Pier

  • Rides:
    • Ocean Park Tower
    • Crazy Galleon
    • Ferris Wheel
    • Eagle
    • Flying Swing
    • The Dragon Roller Coaster
    • The Abyss

Adventure Land

This is the Wild West themed land. Here you find:

  • The Mine Train Roller Coaster
  • The Raging River ride
  • The Escalator to get around

Wheelchair Access at the Summit

Due to its "hilly" nature, navigating in the Summit is a bit harder than in the Waterfront.

The newer areas of Thrill Mountain where the high octane roller coasters and rides are, as well as Polar Adventure, the newest area, are well-equipped and easier for the wheelchair-bound to navigate. There are lifts at both Hair Raiser and Arctic Blast.

The Adventure Land area is a bit more challenging, as getting around here is with the escalators or really loooong and steep paths.

The older Marine Land area is also more difficult. Some of the newer exhibits like Shark Mystique have been enhanced to allow wheelchair access.

Food and Drink at the Ocean Park Summit

Ocean Park Food and Drink

There is no shortage of eating options throughout, you will see a lot of the typical fast food stands, coffee shops and Golden Fried Chicken and McDonalds. If you prefer something fancier there are also a couple of smart restaurants.

The Bayview Restaurant and the Terrace Cafe are located at the Summit Cable Car Station. They both serve an International Gourmet menu.

Cafe Ocean is next to the Abyss and their specialty is Hong Kong local dishes.

The Middle Kingdom serves Chinese fare and is located at the bottom of the hill by the Space Wheel. You need to follow the escalators down to get there.

Tuxedo, located at Polar Adventure, offers a panoramic view of the penguin pool area.

Ocean Park Restaurants

Reservations can be made for the above restaurants and highly recommended during the summer and the busy holiday periods.

Please note that most attractions and restaurants at the Summit close about one hour earlier prior to park closing to give you ample time to get back to the exit at the Waterfront.

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