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Hong Kong, a major international destination for travellers around the world, is a fascinating enclave that has managed to retain much of the Chinese cultural heritage and Noble House flavour of its colonial past. If this is your first time here, brace yourself...

Hong Kong Travel: Victoria Harbour at Night Victoria Harbour at Night

Hong Kong is alluring, exotic, glamorous, and chaotic, all at the same time... a real shock to the senses... in a good way!

Famous for its stunning Harbour and well-loved landmarks like the Star Ferry and the Peak Tram, this Pearl of the Orient is constantly evolving, there is always something new to do and see...or see again!

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Hong Kong's Attractions are many and varied, ranging from natural wonders to unique cultural and historical landmarks, amusement parks and a bustling harbour.

Hong Kong Ancient vs Modern: Highrises and Fishing Village in Aberdeen

The city is home to...

  • ...state of the art skyscrapers and sleepy fishing villages...
  • ...chic boutiques sporting top designer labels and colorful knick knack markets...
  • ...award winning international restaurants and quick and bustling food stalls...
... and of course anything and everything in between!

Hong Kong is a modern city and one of the easiest places to get around. The city is safe and organized, public transportation efficient and inexpensive. Travellers can literally land and start exploring without much advance planning... it is that easy.

Hong Kong Colorful Wong Tai Sin Temple

But Hong Kong has much to offer, and with always some festival or event going on, a little preparation makes sure you don't miss out on that colorful celebration or that you avoid some of the busiest times when hotels might be in short supply.

Accomodation in Hong Kong will probably be the biggest chunk of your Hong Kong travel budget and really worth doing some homework for it.

Whether this is your first Asian journey, a weekend getaway, a family trip, a romantic escape or just passing by, don't just travel to Hong Kong, get to know it, cherish the experience, be dazzled and enjoy the ride!

Start here to explore Hong Kong and all it has to offer! Welcome Hong Kong Traveller!

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Here is to a wonderful Hong Kong travel experience!

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