Repulse Bay Beach

A breezy sheltered retreat and a colorful shrine

The attraction of Repulse Bay beach to tourists and visitors is not only about the sandy haven away from the city, but also the colorful collection of mosaic deities, statues, shrines and pavillions in the south-east end of the bay.

Repulse Bay is just a short bus ride from the hustle and bustle of the Central District. Located in a spectacular sheltered bay framed by the mountains overgrown with high end condominiums and townhomes, it is Hong Kong Island's popular weekend retreat specially in the warm summer months.

Repulse Bay Beach

What used to be a Pirate refuge later "repulsed" by the British, hence its name, Repulse Bay is nowadays a very popular beach town, there are convenient shower and changing facilities if you want to go for a dip.

But even if the beach scene is not enough of an attraction, a quick stroll through the half-moon shaped bay to check out this very peculiar and colorful shrine, just at the southern end is worth a look.

Kwun Yam Shrine and the Tin Hau Statue

Repulse Bay: Kwun Yam Shrine
Overlooking the sea as if standing guard, are two of Hong Kong's beloved deities, Kwun Yam and Tin Hau. The towering traditional Chinese statues stand 10 meters high in sharp contrast to the ultra-modern high-rise skyline.

Kwun Yam, Goddess of Mercy, is the comforter and listens to those in distress, the sick and the frightened. This is the compassionate Goddess that inspires love and devotion.

An outing to Repulse Bay

Getting to Repulse Bay is part of the attraction with some of the best views of the Island as you drive along the coast and in and out of the little bays and villages as well as rows of modern apartment blocks...

Repulse Bay Hong Kong

Repulse Bay Hong Kong

Repulse Bay Hong Kong

Once you arrive, it is a very pleasant stroll through the beach, there's lots of greenery, a play area for kids, concessions and facilities, toilets, etc.

Repulse Bay beach

Repulse Bay beach <

Repulse Bay beach

There is a walking promenade that leads to the colorful shrine.

Repulse Bay beach

You will first see the entrance of the shrine and a bright red bridge and a Chinese style pavillion over the water, this is the Longevity Bridge which you must cross to add three days to your life so don't miss it!

Repulse Bay Kwun Yam Shrine

Repulse Bay Kwun Yam Shrine

Repulse Bay Longevity Bridge

Repulse Bay Kwun Yam Shrine

Turn towards the shrine and you will be facing the two tall statues:

The standing statue is that of Kwun Yam, the Goddess of Mercy, to whom the shrine is dedicated.

Repulse Bay Kwun Yam Statue

Sitting next to Kwun Yam to her left is Tin Hau, the Goddess of the Sea, overseeing and protecting fishermen, and swimmers nowadays...

Repulse Bay Kwun Yam Statue

Surrounding the statues, are a collection of colorful mosaic deities representing many folk gods

Repulse Bay Kwun Yam Statue

The "Gold" Gods and Money Gods are very popular, and you might see lines of people waiting to rub their bellies to catch some of their good fortune.

Repulse Bay Kwun Yam Statue

The Love Gods are equally popular amongst the youngsters.

Getting to Repulse Bay

Getting to Repulse Bay Beach is easy with Buses 6, 6A, 6X or 260 from Exchange Square. These are the same buses that bring you to Stanley, and in fact, a visit can be combined.

Take the Hong Kong Station MTR Exit D to get to Exchange Square Bus Terminal. The buses will bring you to the Repulse Bay stop, from there cross the street (head towards the beach) and go down the stairs to follow the promenade. If you are going to the Kwun Yam Shrine in the south-east side of the bay, there are many signs pointing you in the right direction, (if you are facing the water, head left). Just follow the signs to the "Tin Hau Statue".

How to get to Repulse Bay

Remember you can use your Octopus Card to pay the fare. Sit in the upper deck, the vistas as you approach the coast are very nice.

The bus will take approximately 35-40 minutes from Central, then it's an extra 20 minutes if you are going to Stanley.

Many of the city tours offered by operators make a stop here at Repulse Bay. We like Viator's Hong Kong Island Half-Day Tour, which at about US$36 per person is great value and covers a lot of the highlights, it is a great introduction for first-timers.

The Hop-On-Hop-Off Bus also makes a stop at Repulse Bay. You have to take the Green Route which connects at the Central Star Ferry Pier and services Aberdeen, Repulse Bay and Stanley.

Hong Kong Island South Highlights

| Aberdeen Fishing Village | Repulse Bay |

| Stanley Market and Village |

| The Floating Restaurants |

Hong Kong Island Highlights Tour

Hong Kong Island Highlights Half Day Tour. This comprehensive half-day tour is a great way to get to know Hong Kong Island and its famous landmarks and history.

The tour lasts approximately 5 hours with pick up points at several Hong Kong and Kowloon hotels.

Highlights include:

  • Ride on the Peak Tram and views from Victoria Peak
  • Aberdeen Fishing Village
  • Repulse Bay
  • Stanley Market

Half-Day Tour Hong Kong Island Highlights Adult US$40.59 Child (2-11) US$ 32.19 More Info and Booking ››

More Hong Kong Tours here.

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