The Hong Kong Trams

Hong Kong Trams traverse the Northern part of Hong Kong Island on a East-West direction, they are cheap, clunky and slow, but a very unique experience and a sightseeing attraction on its own. At only HK2.30 per ride (about US$ 0.30), another of Hong Kong bargain deals!

Hong Kong Trams

But this is no ordinary transportation option, the rackety double-deckers have been traversing these routes for over a century.

They have been very much a part of the Hong Kong landscape and culture and are beloved by the locals who still use them to carry on their daily routines, to get to work, go shopping, or to the races! Yes, there is a dedicated loop that brings you to the Happy Valley Horse Races.

So riding on one of these relics will give you a very unique glimpse of every-day Hong Kong street life, as you are travelling literally close to the ground.

The locals refer to them as the "Ding Ding", because of the constant noisy chiming along the way.

There are several routes, spanning from Kennedy Town on the West to Shau Kei Wan in the East with over 100 stops in between the 13 kilometer stretch. If you go along the route, you will not walk a block without a Ding Ding Tram stop.

Ding Ding Tram Route
View Ding Ding Tram Route in a larger map

Riding the Ding Ding Tram

Hong Kong Trams come in handy for getting around the busy Hong Kong Island northern area. The different routes, altogether there are six that overlap each other, are convenient for exploring Hong Kong Island's northern shoreline.

Riding the 
Ding Ding Tram Towards Central
Riding the Ding Ding Tram towards Central, IFC in the background

The roughly 8 mile stretch will take about an hour and a half to traverse from one end to the other. Although the most lively portions will be between Sheung Wan and North Point.

If you are in a hurry, take the MTR, the Central line goes through an identical route and can whisk you in minutes.

But of course riding the tram is more so for that unique peek into Hong Kong's authentic traditional and modern life, the trams take you through the old dry food and medicine markets, swanky shopping centers and arcades, the towering skyscrapers, ancient temples, antique galleries, neon-clad perky neighborhods and more.

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Hong Kong Tram at Pacific Place
Hong Kong Tram passes in front of Pacific Place, a popular Shopping Center
Hong Kong Tram at Pacific Place Hong Kong Tram in Sheung Wan Sheung Wan Street Hong Kong Tram at Central Business District Hong Kong Tram at Western Market

Single Fare for the Trams is HK2.30 regardless of where you get on or off. You pay when you exit the tram.

You can use your Octopus Card to ride the trams, which will save you having the exact change needed for each ride.

Sightseeing with the Ding Ding Tram

Trams go through the main areas in Hong Kong Island, and are ideal to use on a hop-on hop-off route combined with walks to explore on foot some of the most colorful and lively neighborhoods.

Here are some of the main areas and points of interest in each one. As mentioned before, the most interesting spots will be between Sheung Wan and North Point:

  • Kennedy Town
  • Sheung Wan: Stops for Dried Seafood Shops, Western Market, Midlevel Escalators
  • Central: Stops for HSBC Bank, Bank of China, Statue Square
  • Admiralty: Stop for Pacific Place
  • Wanchai: Shopping and hopping nighlife
  • Happy Valley Loop: the horse races
  • Causeway Bay: SOGO and more shopping, Victoria Park
  • North Point: King's Road, Tin Hau Temple
  • Shau Kei Wan

You can download a map detailing all the routes and stops from

Hong Kong Tram Tips

  • Avoid the trams during rush hour, specially in the busy central areas, as they will be packed. It is not much fun to ride the trams when you are packed like a sardine with wall to wall people
  • Try to get on one of the terminus and get a great front sit in the top deck
  • Get an Octopus Card which saves you from having correct change each time
  • "The tram" as referred to by a local, normally means the ding ding trams, "the tram" as referred to by visitors, normally means the "Peak Tram" that brings you to Victoria Peak.

One of our favorite walks combines a ride on the Ding Ding Tram from the skyscrapers of Central to the lively street scene at the dried food stalls and traditional medicine shops of Sheung Wan, the antique galleries of Hollywood Road, trinket markets at Cat Street, the colorful Man Mo temple and the novel Mid-Level escalator:

Walking Tour of Hong Kong Old and New - Sheung Wan

New and Old Hong Kong Walking Tour: Sheung Wan District This guided walking tour takes you through the district of Sheung Wan, where you will be immersed in a world of specialty shops, art galleries and temples. The past and the future converge here, allowing you a peek into authentic Hong Kong life. Ride a traditional tram and sample delicious Hong Kong goodies.

The tour starts at 2:00 p.m. as you meet your guide at the HSBC Building in the Central District (by the lion statues) It lasts approximately 3 hours and includes:

Sheung Wan Walking Tour - Old and New - More Info and Booking ››

More Hong Kong Walking Tours here.

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