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Here's a Hong Kong Travel Guide to help you plan your next trip to Hong Kong and make the most of it.

There are a few basic steps that need to be covered prior to your Hong Kong vacation that require a little planning, but for the most part, Hong Kong is a very easy place to get around and explore on your own.

Transportation is convenient and efficient and the city for any big-city standards is extremely safe.

Planning on your part will be mostly to make sure you get to see and experience everything you want to see, make the most of your time and money, and above all, bring home enduring and lasting memories of this captivating place that is Hong Kong.

So let's get started!

Hong Kong Travel Guide: Pre-Trip Essentials

Hong Kong Travel: Flights
Getting There
Flights to Hong Kong, finding deals, when to book.

Hong Kong Travel: Hotels
Where to Stay
Luxury to Budget Hong Kong Hotels, Apartments, Youth Hostels, Rentals.

Hong Kong Travel: Visa and Passport
Passports and

Who needs a visa to Hong Kong? Where to get one.

Your flight to Hong Kong and where you will stay require essential planning given that these two items will probably take the biggest chunk of your travel budget, it is worth devoting some time to it.

Although most travellers do not need a visa to visit Hong Kong, please check and make sure all your documents are in order, without the proper documents, you won't be leaving home!

Hong Kong Travel Guide: Plan your Stay

Hong Kong Travel: Airport Transfers
Arriving in Hong Kong
Airport Transfers

Taxis, shuttles, airport express, buses, private transfers... what is best?

Hong Kong Travel: Area by Area
Getting Oriented
Area by Area

What is Where in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong Travel: Attractions
Attractions and
Things to Do

Best of Hong Kong Tourist Attractions, Landmarks, Museums, Markets...

Hong Kong Travel: Hong Kong Transportation
Getting Around
Easy and inexpensive with the MTR, taxis, buses, trains, trams, ferries...and the must-have Octopus Card.

Hong Kong Travel: Hong Kong Tours
Best of Hong Kong

Harbour Cruises, Sightseeing Tours, Walking Tours...

Hong Kong Travel: Hong Kong Tours
Hong Kong
Day Trips

Lantau, Macau, China, New Territories, Islands...

Hong Kong Tourist Attractions are legendary, from Victoria Peak and the spectacular views of the Harbour and the Hong Kong skyline, the small fishing villages, the temples, the museums, the parks and markets.

The main sights are concentrated in a small area and getting around them all is quite easy and economical. Hong Kong's public transportation is one of the best organized and efficient in the world.

There are also many Sightseeing Tours including Harbour Cruises, Helicopter Tours, Dolphin Watch Tours, trips to the Outlying Islands or the New Territories, etc. that give you a different perspective and are quite enjoyable for a day or half day outing. Also beyond Hong Kong, trips to mainland China or Macau are quite easily done and can be organized even before you arrive in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Travel Guide: Know before You Go

Hong Kong Travel: Weather
Hong Kong

When is the best time to go? What will the weather be like in...

Hong Kong Travel: Holidays and Festivals
Holidays and

Don't miss out on that
special event, but
plan accordingly.

Hong Kong Travel: Health and Safety
Health and

Can you drink the water?
Need any vaccinations
for Hong Kong?

Hong Kong Travel: Hong Kong Currency
Money Matters
Hong Kong Currency

Where to change money? Will my ATM card work?

Hong Kong Travel: Electricity in Hong Kong
Hong Kong

Charging batteries, iPods, Notebooks, what's the electricity in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong Travel: wifi, laptop, cell phone
Staying Connected
HK Communications

Internet, SIM Cards, Wi Fi... will my mobile phone work in Hong Kong?

When to Go? Check the a) weather in Hong Kong, and b) is there any major holiday or festival during the time of your stay. Why is this important? Transportation, Accomodations and Tourist Attractions will be packed during these periods, specially now with the increased number of Mainland Chinese tourists visiting Hong Kong and Macau.

But we are not saying avoid these times altogether, being in Hong Kong during a major celebration is really a treat, the fireworks in the Harbour, the parades and festivities more than make up for the inconvenience, but just be aware that conditions will be more crowded than usual and advance reservations will be a must in these cases.

Regarding Health and Safety, here we answer most common questions: Do I need any vaccines? Is it safe to drink the water? Also check for any major health advisory in effect for travel to the area.

Your questions regarding Money Matters: Where to change money? Will my ATM card work? How much should I bring?

How about electricity in Hong Kong? How will we charge our iPods? How about charging batteries and camcorders?

And how will we stay connected? Will my mobile phone work in Hong Kong? How do I access the internet with my tablet? Here are some answers to your questions about internet access in Hong Kong and China, Wi-Fi Coverage, Cell or Mobile Phones and SIM cards.


Hot offers and discount tickets

The following are some of the best Hong Kong deals available

HKD 548 HKDL One-Day Adult Ticket

Hong Kong Disneyland Discount Tickets

HK Disneyland Tickets
Adult HK589 HKD548 (US$70)
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HKD 380 Ocean Park Adult Ticket

Ocean Park Hong Kong  Discount Tickets

Ocean Park HK Tickets
Adult HK438 HKD 380 (US$49)
Children HK219 HKD193 (US$24)

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Big Bus Hop-On-Hop-Off 24, 48-hour tour

Hong Kong Hop On Hop Off Bus Discount Tickets

Buy tickets online and save on 24h and 48h Hop-On Hop-Off Hong Kong Big Bus with Night Tour
24-hour US$70.80 US$63.90
48-hour US$77.20 US$69.30
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Skip the Line Peak Tram/Sky Terrace Combo

Peak Tram Sky Terrace Combo Discount Tickets

Combo HKD103 HKD95 (US$12.25)
Add Madame Tussaud's HK354 HKD272 (US$35)
Children and Senior Tickets available.
More details at Klook.com

HK$328 (US$42)
July 1st Fireworks Cruise and Buffett Dinner

Fireworks Cruise in Victoria Harbour Hong Kong

Saturday July 1, 2017
Leaves from Tsim Sha Tsui Public Pier
Includes buffet dinner aboard
Boarding at 5:45 pm
Returns to Pier after fireworks
Info and Booking

HK$169 (US$22)
20th Anniversary HKSAR Fireworks Cruise

Chinese New Year Fireworks Cruise in Victoria Harbour Hong Kong

Saturday July 1, 2017
Leaves from North Point Ferry Pier
Boarding at 7:00 pm
Enjoy Harbour Cruise and Fireworks
Info and Booking

More Fireworks Cruise and Dining Offers for the July 1st Celebrations

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July 1st Hong Kong Fireworks Cruise
20th Anniversary of Establishment of HKSAR
July 1st, 2017
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Fireworks Cruises and Dining Options

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