Hong Kong Festivals and Events

Hong Kong Festivals and Events, Lions, Dragons, Firecrackers... a riot of colour...

It can be difficult keeping track of the top Hong Kong festivals and events, there is such a wide range of exciting happenings and top notch events throughout the year, it seems there is always something going on, Hong Kong has become the events mecca of Asia.

There are the art festivals, world class sports events, concerts and performances whether classical, pop, or cantonese opera, food festivals and the fascinating local festivals which besides the spectacular and colorful celebrations, can give such a unique glimpse into traditional Chinese and local life... Hong Kong's living culture...

And let's not forget the fantastic fireworks displays, a Hong Kong trademark, reserved for a handful of top happenings during the year.

Hong Kong Festival and Events Quick Links

Most Popular Holidays, Festivals and Events

Hong Kong Festivals and Events: Chinese New Year
Chinese New Year
January 28, 2017

Hong Kong Festivals and Events: Dragon Boat Races
Dragon Boat Festival
June 9, 2016

Hong Kong Festivals and Events: Lantern Wonderland at Victoria Park
Mid Autumn Festival
Sept 15, 2016

Hong Kong Festivals and Events: National Day
National Day
Oct 1, 2016

Hong Kong Festivals and Events: Halloween
Oct 2016

Hong Kong Festivals and Events:Christmas Winterfest
Christmas Winterfest
Dec 2016

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Events by Month

Here we list the top festivals, holidays and events every month to help you plan your stay in the city.

Be sure to check the listings for the month of your visit:

  • First, so you don't miss on an extraordinary spectacle should you happen to be in town during a major event
  • And second, so you plan accordingly your accomodation and transportation needs.

During the most popular events and festivals it might be a bit difficult to find a reasonable hotel as prices skyrocket, and getting to and out of the city might be a problem as flights and trains are running at full capacity.

This is particularly true during the Chinese New Year celebrations in January/February and the Chinese "Golden Weeks" in May and during the National Day holidays in October.













Each Month At A Glance

Hong Kong In January

Hong Kong January Events: Lion Dances

Hong Kong In February

Hong Kong February Events: CNY Dragon Parade

Hong Kong In March

Hong Kong March Events: Art Basel Hong Kong

Hong Kong In April

Hong Kong April Events: Hong Kong Sevens

Hong Kong In May

Hong Kong May Events: Cheung Chau Bun Festival

Hong Kong In June

Hong Kong June Events Tai O Water Parade

Hong Kong In July

Hong Kong July  Events Dragon Boat Carnival

Hong Kong In August

Hong Kong August Events Summer Fun

Hong Kong In September

Hong Kong September Events: Mid Autumn Festival Lanterns

Hong Kong In October

Hong Kong  Events

Hong Kong In November

Hong Kong November Events: Wine and Dine Month

Hong Kong In December

Hong Kong December Events Winterfest

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Public Holidays i.e. Bank Holidays

The Hong Kong annual holiday schedule reflects both Chinese and Western legacies, we get to celebrate two New Year's days! Some holidays have their roots in centuries of tradition whereas others are the result of recent developments up to the formation of the Special Administrative Region. The dates of the Chinese Festivals will vary from year to year since they are based on the Lunar Calendar.

Hong Kong Public Holiday Calendar

Holiday 2016 2017
New Year's Day January 1, 2016 Jan 1, 2017 observed Jan 2, 2017
Chinese New Year February 8-10, 2016 January 28-30-31, 2017
Easter March 25-28, 2016 April 14-17, 2017
Ching Ming Festival April 4, 2016 April 5, 2017
Labour Day May 2, 2016 May 1, 2017
Lord Buddha's Birthday May 14, 2016 May 3, 2017
Dragon Boat Festival June 9, 2016 May 30, 2017
Anniversary of Establishment of the Hong Kong SAR July 1, 2016 July 1, 2017
Day following the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival September 16, 2016 October 5, 2017
National Day October 1, 2016 Oct 1, 2017 observed Oct 2, 2017
Chung Yeung Festival October 10, 2016 October 28, 2017
Christmas December 25-27, 2016 December 25-26, 2017

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Colorful and Traditional Chinese Festivals in Hong Kong

Rich in tradition and history, Chinese Festivals are the life-blood of Chinese life and culture in Hong Kong.

These are some of our favourite festivals where you can enjoy the parades, lion dances, wonderful foods, shiny decorations, noisy firecrackers! If you happen to be around these times, do not miss them!

Chinese Festival Decorations for Chinese New Year

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Arts and Entertainment in Hong Kong

Exhibit at Art Basel HK

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Hong Kong Sports Events

Hong Kong Stadium Rugby Sevens

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Hong Kong Trade Shows and Fairs

The number and variety of Hong Kong Trade Shows, Conventions and Fairs continues to rise as Hong Kong has established itself as one of the world's leading and most vibrant exhibition venues. Some of Hong Kong Fairs and Trade Shows are the largest of their kind in the world.

Hong Kong MegaShow Case

For visitors in general, Hong Kong trade shows and fairs might present a special opportunity to witness some of the extrordinary venues, some events might offer shopping opportunities, special demonstrations and the latest innovations in the related fields. Here are some to consider that are open to the general public as well as trade visitors.

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Hong Kong Fireworks Events

Fireworks over Victoria Harbour

Hong Kong's mind-boggling fireworks displays are legendary and reserved for a handful of special events during the year:

Don't miss our guide for the best free vantage points and tips for enjoying the fireworks over Victoria Harbour!

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