Hong Kong Chinese New Year
Flower Markets

In anticipation of Chinese New Year, Hong Kong Flower Markets are buzzing with a frenzy of activity in the weeks leading to this most loved event as households prepare decorations as well as gifts for their loved ones.

Chinese New Year Flower Market at Victoria Park

A visit to the Hong Kong Flower Markets during this time of the year is a great way to get into the spirit of the festivities.

One of the most popular Chinese New Year Flower Markets is held annually in Victoria Park in Causeway Bay starting a couple of weeks before the New Year and running up until New Year's Day.

Through the years the offerings have extended beyond flowers and plants and decorations.

Chinese New Year Flower Market - Victoria Park Chinese New Year Flower Market - Victoria Park
Chinese New Year Flower Market - Victoria Park Chinese New Year Flower Market - Victoria Park

Nowadays you can find just about anything in this market and is one of the most popular ones with the locals, so be prepared for the wall-to-wall crowds, specially at night.

If you are on the Kowloon side, a popular Chinese New Year Market in Mongkok is set up at Fa Hui Park.

See the locations of these two popular Flower Markets on the map:

Victoria Park
Fa Hui Park

The flower markets which traditionally have ended at midnight on New Year's eve are now beginning to open throughout the early hours of New Year's day until 6:00 am, for all those last-minute necessities!


Chinese New Year "Lucky Plants"

Much as the Christmas Tree in the western world, these are some of the most popular plants that hold a special meaning for the Chinese during the New Year celebrations, some are considered auspicious, some make wonderful decorations.

Mandarin Tree vendor at the Chinese New Year Flower Market

Look for any of these which are in great demand during the season at all the flower markets in Hong Kong.

Mandarin Trees
Mandarin Trees
The Kumquat plant or mandarin oranges, is a symbol of good fortune and prosperity. A must for each household.

Lucky Bamboo
Lucky Bamboo
The lucky stems of the bamboo are used frequently in fengshui, Chinese love them for their auspicious qualities for a happy home.

Pussy Willow
Pussy Willow
The long stalks with multiple blooms are a favourite and often decorated with gold and red ornaments, the lucky colors.

Cherry Blossoms
Cherry and Plum Blossom
First to bloom in spring, they represent the promise of new life.

Blooming orchids are loved for their beauty and fragrance and are a symbol of nobility.

New Year Fruit
New Year Fruit
The beautiful golden fruits are used for building lucky Chinese New Year trees.

New Year Fruit
These beautiful and fragrant large blooms represent prosperity and peace

Typically bloom around Chinese New Year and are considered a symbol of luck

Cherry Blossoms
Pitcher Plant
The more pitchers the better to accumulate good luck and fortune in the New Year!

Happy shopping!

Victoria Park's Chinese New Year Flower Market

When? January 22 thru the New Year on January 28, 2017. On New Year's Eve January 27 it will be open throughout until the early hours (6:00 am) of New Year's Day.


Victoria Park in Causeway Bay:

  • MTR Causeway Bay Station Exit E, then follow the crowds along Great George Street, or
  • MTR Tin Hau Station Exit A2, turn left at exit.

Fa Hui Park in Mongkok:

  • MTR Prince Edward Station Exit A, walk along Playing Field Road, then left to Sai Yee Street then right to Boundary Street, Fa Hui Park will be on the left

How Much? Depends on what you're buying! Free to browse!

Chinese New Year Night Market

Enjoy the festivities and celebrations of this amazing time that is Chinese New Year in Hong Kong!
Gung Hay Fat Choy!

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