Chinese New Year
at Disneyland Hong Kong

Bright Lanterns, Red Envelopes, Lion Dances,
Dragon Parades...
Mickey and Minnie at Hong Kong Disney during Chinese New Year

During Chinese New Year, Disneyland Hong Kong transforms once again after the rush of the Christmas season. This time instead of fluffy snow and holiday wreaths, it is lanterns, red envelopes, chinese lions, drums and gongs...

And in typical Disney fashion, our favourite characters will be there dressed in full Chinese traditional gear to celebrate and wish you Gung Hay Fat Choy!

The Chinese New Year celebrations at Hong Kong Disneyland kick off a week or so prior to Chinese New Year's Day, the date of which varies and is set according to the Lunar calendar, it falls normally in January or February.

This year, Chinese New Year is on February 16, 2018 and the celebrations will likely begin in early February.

Traditional red and gold ornaments, the colors for good luck and happiness, decorate every corner of the park...

Disney Land Hong Kong Chinese New Year Ornaments well as revered Chinese symbols, like the Goldfish, which is believed to bring abundance and prosperity...

Disney Land Hong Kong Chinese New Year Fish decorations

There is of course special events and shows, the themes vary from year to year, a Year of the Tiger celebration will naturally feature our favourite Disney Tiger front and center...

Tigger at Chinese New Year Show at HK Disney

...and you can guess who the star at the Year of the Rat... ehem... Mouse... would be!

Mickey at Disney Land Hong Kong Chinese New Year Show

Irrespective of the theme for the year, there is always the Lion Dances...

Disney Land Hong Kong Chinese New Year Lion Dance

...The character greeting times throughout the day as well as plenty of shows and entertainment...

Chip and Dale during Chinese New Year Show

... And special activities like lantern making and "good luck" foods to celebrate Chinese New Year.

Some years a Dragon Parade replaces the Flights of Fantasy Parade. Check the Times Guide first thing when you get to the park so you don't miss out on any of the special events!

Disney Land Hong Kong Chinese New Year Dragon Parade

Mickey and Minnie at the Chinese New Year Parade

Here is a short video of the fantastic Chinese New Year Parade at Disneyland Hong Kong:

Hong Kong Disneyland Year of the Dog Celebrations 2018 TBA

Special Chinese New Year parades or events have not been announced, but the Park will be all decked in cheery red and gold and our favorite friends will be ready to welcome you in their holiday best! Special Chinese New Year menus will be available at the restaurants as well.

Mickey and Minnie at Chinese New Year

When?: early February through early March

Where?: Disneyland Hong Kong

How Much?: Included with Admission Ticket.

Remember you can buy discount tickets online at
HK Disneyland Discount Tickets Adult HK619 HKD524 US$67, Children HK458 HKD366 US$48
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Chinese New Year at Hong Kong Disney

Make the most of Chinese New Year!

Enjoy the festivities and celebrations of this amazing time that is Chinese New Year in Hong Kong!

Gung Hay Fat Choy!

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