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Lions, Dragons, Drums, Gongs... Lantern Galore
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Chinese New Year Lion Dance in Hong Kong at Harbour City

Lion Dances and Dragon Parades are an essential part of every Chinese New Year celebration, or rather, ANY Chinese Festival for that matter, and in Hong Kong that is no exception.

In fact, the city set a Guinnes World Record in 2011 for the largest Lion and Dragon Dance display which featured 1,111 Dragons and Lions. This gave way to a fantastic yearly event, the Hong Kong Dragon and Lion Dance Festival which takes place every year on New Year's Day January 1st, (NOT Chinese New Year's Day) and is an explosion of colour, glitter and roars with hundreds of troupes parading throughout the streets...

Chinese New Year Lion Dance in Hong Kong at Harbour City

These traditional arts date back for more than a thousand years.

Besides being incredible acrobatic performances, in Chinese Culture it is believed that the Lions and the accompanying revelry of drums, gongs and firecrackers, will scare away the bad spirits and bring in the good luck in the coming year, and thus a Lion Dance is a "must" during the Chinese New Year festivities.

Where are the Lion and Dragon Dances during Chinese New Year in Hong Kong?

On any normal year during the Chinese New Year celebrations, Lion and Dragon Dances are performed just about everywhere. Regardless of where you are tripsing around town, chances are, you are able to catch one at some point or another, from businesses and office buildings, shopping centers to restaurants and hotels, even at the markets... This year, understandably, offerings will be limited and only if can be arranged according to the prescribed health and safety measures at the time. Many performances are likely to go virtual this year.

Whether there are live performances or not, it is quite a treat to browse around the fantastic Lunar New Year displays as the lanterns, lucky plants, blooms and firecrackers spread all throughout the city.

Chinese New Year Parade in Hong Kong - Lion Dancers
Lion Dancers at the Chinese New Year Parade

Chances to catch a show are best at the many shopping centers in the city...

Chinese New Year Lion Dance at Pacific Place Shopping Center in Hong Kong
Chinese New Year Lion Dance Performance at Pacific Place

Dragon and Lion Dances and Parade at Harbour City Hong Kong
Chinese New Year Dragon Parade at Harbour City

At hotels and restaurants...

Chinese New Year Lion Dance at Langham Place in Hong Kong
The Lunar New Year Festivities at Langham Place

At pedestrian malls throughout the city...

Lee Tung Avenue Lion Dances
Lion Dances and gorgeous decorations at Lee Tung Avenue

At tourist attractions around town, Ngong Ping where the Big Buddha is located, theme parks (if they are open) Disneyland and Ocean Park which normally have full programmes for the occasion.

Chinese New Year Lion Dances at Ocean Park in Hong Kong
Lion Dance performances at Ocean Park

Even if you're just strolling the markets, keep an eye out for those lions! After all, anybody that is in business will want to usher away all the accumulated bad luck, clean house and bring in the good fortune, so the Lion Dancers are sure to be welcomed by all anytime... anywhere!

Lion Dances at Temple Street Night Market
Chinese New Year Lion Dancers at the Temple Street Night Market

Keep in mind that while most government offices, schools, banks, are closed for the public holidays during Chinese New Year, shops and restaurants remain open, shopping centers even offer extended hours. Attractions and theme parks remain open as usual, street markets close on the first and second day of Chinese New Year and reopen on the third day. However, due to the pandemic, this year's arrangements are likely to be more limited. We will update this page as events are confirmed so stay tuned.


Dragon and Lion Dances Year Of The Tiger 2022

Here are some popular places that go all out with splashy decorations and where lions and dragons consistently make appearances every year. This year they might also present an opportunity if they can be performed well-within health and safety measures prescribed at the time. We will strive to update this page as information and events become available. Please refresh often and stay tuned!

"Blooming Fortune Art Garden" Chinese New Year at Lee Gardens

Blooming Fortune at Lee Gardens

What? The tiger is the most vigorous of the 12 Chinese zodiac signs. To welcome in an energetic year, Lee Gardens has curated a range of vibrant displays and promotions for its Blooming Fortune Art Garden campaign. Contemporary pop-art creator Hung Yi's colourful and auspicious spirit beasts, including the global debut of "Prosper with the Fury of Tigers", will be present to wish everyone a year of good health.

Visitors can also enjoy gigantic, geometric, 9m-tall paper-crafted Fai Chun created by local creative team STICKYLINE, as well as the "Celebrating the Year of the Tiger" cultural exhibition jointly presented by Lee Gardens and The Art Museum, CUHK.

Don't miss The Auspicious Chinese New Year Market with its beautiful arts and crafts from more than 20 handicraft shops.
When? Now until February 15, 2022
Where? Hysan Place's 1/F Atrium
How Much? Free

Plus wonderful decorations and Photo Hot Spots:

  • CNY Floral Garden at Hysan Place Atrium
  • Majesty of Lights, walk beneath the colorful lanterns at Lee Theatre Plaza G/F
  • Blooming Wishing Wall at Hysan Place (G/F) Kai Chiu Road Entrance
  • Prosper With The Fury Of Tigers Sculpture at Lee Garden One, Hysan Avenue
  • Gigantic Paper-crafted Fai Chun Blessings from Two Tigers at the Atrium, Lee Garden One

More Info: www.leegardens.com.

Chinese New Year at Pacific Place 2022

CNY  at Pacific Place Hong Kong

What? The Year of the Tiger is a time of bravery, energy and aspiration, and Pacific Place is celebrating with a roar! Come and follow the pathway to prosperity in the festive installations. Look out for hidden Chinese New Year blessings at all decoration locations, then capture them all with your mobile phone for some festive new year cheer and redemption rewards!
When? Now until mid-February
Where? Throughout the Mall
How Much? Free
More Info: www.pacificplace.com.hk or follow their FB page.

Blossom of Fortune Chinese New Year at IFC Mall 2022

CNY at IFC Mall Hong Kong

What? Drum up your festive spirit at ifc mall and celebrate the Year of the Tiger! Celebrate the new year at "beautiful: the rhythm of prosperity" festive installations with plentiful cheering Chinese drums and glowing lanterns hung high in the air.

Oval Atrium has been transformed into a traditional bazaar with a contemporary touch. The display is elegantly decorated with colourful Chinese drums and peach blossom trees, sending inspiring festive wishes to visitors.
When? Now until February 13, 2022
Where? IFC Mall Oval Atrium, Podium Level 1 - 10am - 10pm daily
How Much? Free

More Info: www.ifc.com.hk or follow their FB page.

Harbour City's Bountiful New Year Installation

CNY at Harbour City Hong Kong

What? Featuring the theme of "PAWsperity for ALL" this Chinese New Year, Harbour City turns Ocean Terminal Forecourt into a Lucky Lantern Pathway.

108 colourful lanterns will be swaying in the breeze above the pathway. With different blessings tied with 8 giant wishing knitted balls, we wish everyone good luck, good wealth, and good health!
When? Now until mid-February
Where? The Staircase of Ocean Terminal Main Entrance
How Much? FREE
More Info: www.harbourcity.com.hk or follow their FB page.

Celebrate Chinese New Year 2022 at Festival Walk

CNY at Festival Walk Hong Kong

What? Five giant lucky tigers have come to the atrium at Festival Walk of to accompany everyone to welcome the Year of the Tiger. With a very modern geometric three-dimensional design, the five majestic tigers stand together "Five tigers come to the door, and a hundred blessings come together"
How Much? Free
More Info and full CNY programme: www.festivalwalk.com.hk/en/ or follow their FB page.

Dragon and Lion Dances and Parade at IFC Mall Hong Kong
Lion Dance performances at IFC Mall

Lion Dances... Dragon Dances... what's the difference?

The Lion Dance is performed by a pair of dancers, one handles the head of the lion and the other half handles the tail.

Hong Kong Chinese New Year Lion Dance

The Dragon Dance is a team effort involving a dozen or more dancers. The long Dragon is held on poles carried by each dancer, they raise the poles up and down creating the Dragon's movements as they snake around the streets.

Hong Kong Chinese New Year Dragon Dance

You can learn more about the Lion Dance and Dragon Dance at our sister site, China Family Adventure.

Make the most of Chinese New Year!

Enjoy the festivities and celebrations of this amazing time that is Chinese New Year in Hong Kong!

Gung Hay Fat Choy!

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