Hong Kong Chinese New Year
Celebrations 2017

Welcoming the Year of the Rooster!

Hong Kong Chinese New Year Celebrations are some of the liveliest and most colorful we have ever experienced. This is a great time to visit and share in the spirit of the festivities as the city prepares to welcome another year.

Hong Kong Chinese New Year Lions

Chinese New Year is celebrated on the first moon of the Lunar Calendar, which normally falls in January or February, and is also known as the Lunar New Year or the Spring Festival.

The festivities continue for the next fifteen days culminating in the Lantern Festival with the first full moon of the year. That's right, this is a massive 15-day party, where lots of red and gold abound and the happy noises of drums, gongs and firecrackers explode in every corner. Dancing lions and parading dragons make their ways on the streets, friends and family come together to share in the joy of the New Year.

Hong Kong Chinese New Year Parades, Fireworks, Dragon Dances

Hong Kong Chinese New Year Parade
Chinese New Year
January 28, 2017
8:00 pm

Hong Kong Chinese New Year Fireworks
Chinese New Year
January 29, 2017
8:00 pm

Hong Kong Chinese New Year Dragon Dance
The Dragon and Lion Dances
Start on New Year's Day
through mid Feb 2017

Traditionally, the celebrations have included the Chinese New Year Parade in Tsim Sha Tsui and a world class fireworks display over Victoria Harbour.

Also very much a part of any Chinese New Year celebration are the many Lion and Dragon dances which are performed throughout the city.

Chinese New Year

2017 is the Year of the Rooster Chinese New Year will be on January 28, 2017.

Chinese New Year is also a very busy time to travel, so plan ahead of time as transportation and accomodation options could be scarce.

The Lunar New Year is one of the most important festivals for the Chinese, perhaps THE most important. Celebrations in Hong Kong kick off on New Year's Eve, but the preparations begin way before then. As soon as the Christmas decorations start coming down, the Chinese New Year bright displays start appearing throughout the city.

Chinese New Year Decorations

Homes, stores, restaurants and offices are all brightly decorated in red and gold, the lucky colors for happiness and wealth and beautiful sprays of flowers and auspicious mandarin trees adorn every corner imaginable.

For most Chinese, the New Year is a time for family reunions, and all take pride in their preparations to share in the joy with their loved ones. But the celebrations are everywhere and for everyone to take part in.


Hong Kong Chinese New Year Traditions and Customs

Hong Kong Flower Markets
Chinese New Year
Flower Markets

January 22, 2017 until early hours of Chinese New Year's Day January 28, 2017

Hong Kong Chinese New Year Temples
Praying for Good Fortune
at the Temples

Throughout the Festivities, busiest times around Chinese New Year's Eve and Day

Hong Kong Chinese New Year Wishing Festivals
Wishing Trees and
Well-Wishing Festivals

Jan 28 to Feb 12, 2017

A couple of weeks before the new year, the flower markets really come to life as everyone prepares their blooms and lucky trees for decoration and presents.

Rich in tradition, during this period the local temples will burst with activity as locals will visit to pay respect to their ancestors and pray for good fortune in the coming year.

They will bring offerings of food and incense and the temples and shrines are brightly decorated.

Here are some of the most popular temples in Hong Kong.

Praying and bringing offerings during the celebrations at Wong Tai Sin Temple

Wishing Trees are also a popular tradition during the Chinese New Year. You write your wish on a paper, tie a string with an orange and toss it over the tree, it should succesfully catch on one of the brances and remain hanging for your wish to come true.

Hong Kong Chinese New Year - More Celebrations All Around

Chinese New Year in Disneyland Hong Kong
Chinese New Year
at Disneyland Hong Kong

Jan 25 to Mid-Feb, 2017

Chinese New Year Dragon Parade at Ocean Park
Ocean Park
Lucky Lunar Fiesta

Jan 28 - Feb 12, 2017

Chinese New Year Horse Races
Chinese New Year
Race Day (Horse Racing)

January 30, 2017

Chinese Lantern Festival
Lantern Displays
Jan 20 - Feb 19, 2017

Chinese Lantern Carnival
Chinese Lantern Carnival
February 11, 2017

Enjoy the festivities and celebrations of this amazing time that is Chinese New Year in Hong Kong!
Gung Hay Fat Choy!

Hong Kong Chinese New Year

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