Adventureland at Hong Kong Disneyland

Welcome to the Jungle, and the land of the Lion King, Tarzan, and River Cruises...

Adventureland at Hong Kong Disneyland

Say good-bye to civilization and come into Adventureland, a jungle-themed area of wild animals, savage headhunters, rain forests and magical totems. A lush island awash with dense vegetation and wilderness is at the center, with Tarzan's Treehouse as its main feature. The Jungle River Cruise adventure circles the island bringing eager safari explorers on a fun and exciting journey.

Adventureland Rides and Attractions

These are our favourite rides at Adventureland:

The Jungle River Cruise

Adventureland Jungle River Cruise

The Jungle River Cruise is one of the coolest rides in the park. Your safari guide takes you on a river adventure through the jungles of the world, from the Amazonas to the Okavango and the Mekong delta... Keep an eye out for the big five... and watch out for cannibals and headhunters!

Weather conditions are treacherous, so be prepared for some showers... and as you cruise by the Sacred Temples, pay attention that the Fire and Water Gods are not acting up again, if they are, you might get caught in the middle of either a tsunami, a blazing river of fire, or both...

Hong Kong Disneyland - Adventureland - Jungle River Cruise
Tub time... watch out or you might be the one taking the shower...

Hong Kong Disneyland - Adventureland - Jungle River Cruise
Watch out! All sorts of wild animals hidding in the waters

Hong Kong Disneyland - Adventureland - Jungle River Cruise
Time for headcount, have we lost anyone?...

Hong Kong Disneyland - Adventureland - Jungle River Cruise
...Ooops... Croc infested waters...

Hong Kong Disneyland - Adventureland - Jungle River Cruise
Fire God is not happy!

Safari guides are provided for English, Mandarin and Cantonese explorers, and there will be separate lines for each language.

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Tarzan's Treehouse

To get to Tarzan's Treehouse you have to take a raft which will bring you to the island. This attraction is similar to the Family Robinson treehouse, where you climb on foot and there are bridges and small chambers where you recognize little details from the Tarzan movie.
Adventureland Tarzan Treehouse

The view from the top of the tree is spectacular with all the action at the raft docks and the Jungle Cruise boats circling around the island.

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Festival of the Lion King

Another one of our favourites, this really is a class act, like being in Broadway without spending hundreds of dollars in tickets. The Festival of the Lion King is fantastic, the music, the acrobatics, the costumes, the stage, the choreography, the interaction with the public, it all combines to offer a truly spectacular production.

The play is based in the Lion King movie and tells the story of Simba. It is mainly in English, with little snippets in Cantonese, and subtitles in Chinese are projected on the screens.

Disneyland Hong Kong Adventureland - Lion King
Festival of the Lion King, a truly spectacular performance

Disneyland Hong Kong Adventureland - Lion King
Four different floats make up the stage: Elephant (pictured here), Giraffe, Lion and Warthog

Disneyland Hong Kong Adventureland - Lion King
Beautiful elaborate costumes...

Disneyland Hong Kong Adventureland - Lion King
...complement the superb stage, coreography and performances...

Disneyland Hong Kong Adventureland - Lion King
Dont miss this great show!

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Liki Tikis

These are steam and water spitting totems, great for warm days, so stop by and cool off!
Adventureland Liki Tikis

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