Disney Land Hong Kong Christmas Time!

Parades, Carols, Christmas Trees...
November 15, 2018 to January 1st, 2019
Hong Kong Disneyland Christmas Season

Christmas at Hong Kong Disneyland is such a magical time of the year, the celebrations kick off normally the second half of November and run up to the New Year.

Hong Kong Disneyland at Christmas Time

The entire park is transformed into a wonderland full of the holiday cheer, glitzy ornaments, dazzling lights, fluffy snow, holiday wreaths...

And everywhere you go, red, green and golden shiny bows, balls and garlands, merry candy canes and Santa hats... all decorating every corner of this magical world to make it even merrier...

There is of course the magnificent Christmas Tree that greets you as you first come in Main Street, and all the buildings flanking it are splendidly decorated as well...

Christmas Tree at Hong Kong Disneyland

The holiday celebrations will normally include daily parades and fests with Mickey, Minnie and the gang all dressed up in holiday gear, singing carols and partying away with the crowds.

Mickey and Minnie at the Character Greetings in HK Disney at Christmas Time

There's the usual Character Greeting spots where you get to meet your favourite friends.

Get the daily guide at Guest Services to see the times and locations for that particular day.

Donald and Daisy at the Character Greetings in HK Disney at Christmas Time

And keep your eyes open as you roam around the park, you never know who you might run into... Here's Goofy and Pluto along Main Street in their Christmas costumes...

Goofy and Pluto along Main Street during Christmas time

And of course, a Christmas celebration wouldn't be complete withouth a festive Parade!

Hong Kong Disneyland Christmas Parade

Themes for the parades and celebrations vary from year to year, "Let it Snow"...

Hong Kong Disneyland Let It Snow Christmas Parade

"Santa Mickey's Toy - Riffic Street Party", etc.

Hong Kong Disneyland Toy-Riffic Christmas Parade

They all share the common beat of rejoicing in this magical time of the year.

Chip and Dale at Christmas Parade in Hong Kong Disneyland

And at night, the lights come to life and the spectacle is breathtaking...

Sleeping Beauty Castle is lit at night during Christmas time, simply stunning

If during the day Sleeping Beauty Castle is stunning, wait until the night when it is lit up in all its glory...

Sleeping Beauty Castle is lit at night during Christmas time, simply stunning

...And beautiful Christmas Illumination ceremonies and events take place every day at dusk.

Although the events may vary from year to year to coincide with the theme of the season, it is always spectacular. Some may last only a few minutes, some may be even interactive.

This one took only a few minutes, starting with the Christmas tree lighting, then one by one, all the lights along Main Street led the way to the castle, with bursts of shimmer and glow that literally exploded with colour, simply stunning...

Click on the arrow to watch:

Hong Kong Disneyland Christmas Illumination

And Disney's night parade "Disney Paint the Night" will be adding more sparkle to the holidays. It is a dazzling array of lights and colours, pixie dust and hi-res panels, a very unique concept with Hong Kong Disney being the first Disney park to host it. Here's more on the Paint the Night Parade. Right after the parade, you get to "Paint the Christmas Tree", be sure to join in at Main Street USA.

The Disneyland Resort likewise, is all dressed up in holiday cheer... It is a wonderful time of the year to stay at one of the two Disney Hotels:

Gorgeous Christmas Tree and decorations at the Lobby of the Disneyland Hong Kong Hotel

2018 Christmas Celebrations at Hong Kong Disneyland

The 2018 Christmas Celebrations will run from November 15, 2018 to January 1st, 2019.

Please note that several attractions, shows and parades may run under a different schedule. Here are some of this year's magical holiday moments!

Disney Land Hong Kong Christmas

  • "Mickey and Friends Christmastime Ball" - various shows throughout the day at the Castle Forecourt, a yuletide musical extravaganza.
  • "A Magical Twilight Snowfall" - It wouldn't be Christmas without snow! As the evening begins, you'll marvel at the magic of a snowfall in Hong Kong! Join Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Chip 'n' Dale, Duffy, ShellieMay, StellaLou and Cookie as they make a special wish: Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!
  • "The Tree Lighting Ceremony" - All along Main Street USA, focal point is of course the gigantic Christmas Tree. As a live quartet sings and snow begins to fall, giant projections will transform Main Street, U.S.A. into a breathtaking winter wonderland. And like magic, the Christmas tree and Train Station will be illuminated with sparkling lights—filling the moment with yuletide joy. Check the daily schedule for times.
  • "A Holiday Kiss Good-night" - What better way to round off a perfect day of Christmas celebrations than with a heartwarming serenade? As you head out of the park after an evening of festive performances, Christmas Carolers in Town Square bid you goodnight with a delightful performance under the stars. It’s a magical way to end your experience.

    Check the daily schedule for times on the day of your visit.

    When?: November 15, 2018 to January 1, 2019

    Where?: Disneyland Hong Kong

    How Much?: Included with Admission Ticket.

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    Mickey and Friends at Christmas Time


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