Tomorrowland at Disneyland Hong Kong

Star Wars and Marvel Heroes!
Tomorrowland at Hong Kong Disneyland

This is Hong Kong Disney's most popular land amongst the older kids, the prevalent theme is adventure in space and into the future.

Front and center are the Star Wars attractions and the newest Marvel Super Heroes, sadly our old-time favourite Buzz Lightyear is no more, but you can still catch Buzz taking you to infinity and beyond at Toy Story Land.

The futuristic land is tucked between Main Street and Fantasyland, just look to the right as you enter the park for Space Mountain's Hyperspace Mountain's distintctive rocket dome, you can't miss it!

Tomorrowland Rides and Attractions

These are our favourite rides at Tomorrowland:

Iron Man Experience

Tomorrowland HK - Iron Man Experience
The Iron Man Experience Attraction

This is another fantastic 3D simulation ride where you soar over Hong Kong in a gravity defying Iron Wing flight vehicle while the city is under attack by Hydra and which Iron Man saves with your help of course...

Stunning digital sound and video effects throughout!

You can then drop by the Stark Expo and meet Iron Man at the Iron Man Tech Showcase.

Tomorrowland HK - Iron Man Experience
Iron Man Character Greet and Meet

Height requirements for Iron Man Experience ride is 102 cm or 40 inches or taller.

Lines could be long, so be sure to get your Fastpass for this ride and reduce your waiting time.

STAR WARS Hyperspace Mountain and Command Post

Space Mountain is one of the most popular rides at all Disney parks and here at Hong Kong Disneyland is no exception. This oldtime classic has been reimagined into a STAR WARS theme ride together with intergalactic battles, X-Wing StarFighters, Stormtroopers, Death Stars... It is a fast, thrilling ride, in the dark, with sudden turns, drops and bends.

Tomorrowland HK - Space Mountain
The Space Mountain Rocket Dome

The ride starts at the Space Port where you board your Spacecraft, two space travelers can ride side by side, as opposed to other Space Mountain shuttles where you ride one behind the other.

Now get ready for lift off and your intergalactic adventure starts as your rocket takes you on a dashing, exciting ride.

Tomorrowland HK - X-Wing Starfighter at the Hyperspace Mountain Space Port
A gigantic X-Wing Starfighter at the Hyperspace Mountain Space Port

Compared to the other Space Mountain rides, at Disneyworld for example, this one seemed to us slightly milder. In fact, the height requirement for the little space commanders is 102cm (40 inches), as opposed to 112cm (44 inches) at Disneyworld.

Due to high traffic at the space station, the lines could be extremely long, so be sure to get your Fastpass for this ride and reduce your waiting time.

And after you land, be sure to stop by the Command Post and meet all our favorite Star Wars Characters!

Tomorrowland HK - Stormtroopers at Command Post
Stormtroopers at Command Post


Hong Kong Disneyland Tomorrowland Orbitron
Flying saucers ready for liftoff at Orbitron

At Orbitron you get to pilot your own flying saucer and control how high or low you go, it's a nice mild ride. You get your own "boarding pass" with a specific number for your corresponding spaceship making the boarding process easier without the usual mad dash to the vehicles.

Have a Blast at Tomorrowland at Disneyland Hong Kong!

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